Moving House

So today is the last of the moving house saga and its back to full time work for me as of tomorrow. The past two weeks have consisted of plenty of heavy lifting, decorating, clear outs, an emotional goodbye to Flat 4 and endless trips to B&Q. We've spent far too much money and eaten far too much convenience food but our new home is wonderfully cosy and full of character.

We got our keys on January 20th but didn't spend our first night here until the 22nd. We moved in as much as we could but didn't get our bed for another couple of days which is why we didn't stay the night, but going back to Flat 4 was torture. It made me wonder how we'd managed for so long in such a cramped space that was never warm and never felt clean. It was so old that no matter how much we tidied, organised or refreshed the place with new things, it always felt shabby and lacking cosiness. Our new place has plenty of space, I have an entire room dedicated to my creative streak and its lovely to feel warm for once. Its so nice being able to have a bath and get back into Lush bath bombs and bubble bars! Our first night here consisted of pizza in bed with a good film, new sheets and a bottle of Prosecco.

A downside has been the internet and as embarrassing as it is to admit I can't cope without my broadband, its literally because I miss uploading videos, blogging and being able to access my Etsy shop whenever I want. For the past couple of weeks I've had to hook up to a BT hotspot using my Mums login and its been near enough useless. It cuts out at the most inappropriate of times and I can't watch YouTube videos or upload my own content. I will say, a major hats off to the Etsy app for allowing me to keep my shop open whilst moving house. I thought I may have to close its doors for two weeks and with Valentines day fast approaching, lots of orders would have been missed out on but the Etsy app is so amazingly efficient I can process orders and renew listings on my phone. Its been super easy and organised so well done Etsy for having such an awesome app! I've also been missing ASMR videos an unbelievable amount, you wouldn't believe how much they help me sleep!

It's been a tiring couple of weeks but its been awesome spending so much time with family, learning lots of new things and finally being in our new house to call our own.

Hoping you're all doing well and thank you as always for reading!

Ellis x

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