New Llama Talks Products

My blog has been super quiet since moving house and the main reason for this is my internet just isn't wanting to work. I'm on hold to EE as we speak - its now been 5 weeks and its driving me crazy having to hook up to a pitifully poor BT hotspot and trying to post when I can. It's also been tough keeping my Etsy shop open but I thought I'd share with you all our new gifty goodness that we've been busy with!

We've got a few new notebook designs in and a huge new selection of button badges to choose from. Badges are my absolute favourite things to design and when they arrive they look so cute all scattered together. They also seem to be super popular with those of you in the US!

My aim for this year is to get some more llama themed giftware made since after all, our shop is called 'Llama Talks' so it seems only right that there is plenty of variety when it comes to my favourite animals. If there are any particular things you would like to see us make, please feel free to leave some suggestions as we're always open to feedback!

Thankyou so much for being patient with me whilst I try and get my internet fixed and I very much look forward to being back to blogging properly when its all sorted.

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