Trying New Lush Products

So I don't think I whinged enough about not having a bath before moving house and this was a problem because I couldn't try all of these fabulous new products that Lush keep coming out with. Halloween, Christmas and of course Valentines themed goodies so I had to grab a few to try and thought I would share my thoughts of each of them right here.

Unicorn Horn
This was my most anticipated product, obviously because its unicorn themed and I live for those magical ponies. I haven't tried this bubble bar yet because its so aesthetically pleasing, I just adore gazing over at it whilst I'm already in the bath. It smells very sweet and the colours are beautiful. I can't wait to finally getting around to using it but being limited edition, I feel like I can't!

Cloak of Invisibility
This was the first bath melt I have ever tried from Lush and I have to say, I can see what they're trying to do here but they're so hard to store. They melt ridiculously easy and whilst mine arrived still as a solid, the packaging was so oily and the glitter coating almost wipes off onto the paper. I plopped mine into the bath expecting magical things to happen but I seriously felt so let down by it. I thought to myself yeah it looks pretty, it didn't do much for the bath water as it just went a horrid sort of 'clay' colour and that was that. It also did nothing for my skin, I expected to leave the bath feeling really nourished but I might as well have not used it at all. Rant over.
How cute. This one is another bubble bar from the Valentines range and I couldn't resist trying it. Although its stupidly adorable, there is something about the smell I'm not 100% sure on. Its not terrible, but I don't think I would buy it again now I have given it a sniff. All of these I bought online to try and be more adventurous so I'm really pleased I got a Ladybird because its great to try new things. Plus he was a great addition to my Lush basket which houses all of my bath bombs and bubble bars…clustered together they all look so beautiful.

Milky Bath
I'm a huge fan of anything milky…you know those milky bottle sweets? My favourite as a kid. This bubble bar has a really simple design but I love the splash of glitter for the bottle cap. It smells really clean and fresh and I'd be interested to know if theres a hidden colour inside! I'd love it just as much if it was just a lovely cloudy white though, it would literally feel like you're bathing in milk.

This is the second of the two bath melts I thought I'd try and as with the Clock of Invisibility, I just don't think I'm a fan of bath melts. Plus they're a bitch to photograph! I actually don't mind all the glitter in my bath (I know some people absolutely despise it) but for me the more the merrier. I preferred this bath melt to the first one because it didn't turn my bath water a rancid muddy colour and it also smells quite citrus-y and super fresh. Overall though, they just don't seem to do anything for my skin which is the main purpose of a bath melt surely? There is nothing visually stunning like you get with bath bombs and bubble bars so I think I'll stick to those!

Sex Bomb
This is a bath bomb that I know for a fact I really enjoy using and I believe its one of Lush's oldest products. I remember buying Sex Bomb when I was an early teenager so its good to see an oldie but goodie still available on the shelves. This one is super girly and a mixture of pink and purple magic swirls around in your bath tub and fills your bathroom with a wonderful, relaxing scent. Its pretty to look at and as with all bath bombs from Lush, I cut it into pieces to get more uses out of it and it still works perfectly.

It's always great to see Lush constantly developing new products and some of the designs are so impressive. I remember seeing a Chinese dragon themed one whilst at the Lush Christmas launch back in September last year but it was quite expensive for what it was. Still, it looked awesome and I may actually buy one this year. If there are any products you can recommend, please do let me know! I love finding out what other peoples favourites are.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Your photography is on point here, Ellis!! I really really want to try the unicorn horn, it looks just magical! How cute that they're still making one of your favourite bath bombs from your teenage years too, a really nostalgic buy, I bet!

    Abbey 😘

  2. Who doesn't love Lush?! Pretty pictures :)

  3. I really want to try Sex Bomb and the unicorn horn! My all time favourite bomb is Experimenter, so many colours and a different pattern each time! For my skin Eau Roma water is the perfect refreshing pick me up, I'd recommend that to anyone in a heartbeat.

    Tore | xo


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