Bloody Mary Metal Review

It's no secret here that I'm a huge jewellery lover and I love discovering new brands and boutiques who have something completely different to offer. A couple of the girls I follow on Instagram had shared posts from Bloody Mary Metal and I was instantly enticed by their gothic feel and beautiful theme. I would have ordered much sooner but their range is a little more expensive than my usual budget so I waited and saved up so I could treat myself to something special.

As soon as I saw the skull necklace, I knew it was the piece for me. Although it is the skull of a cat and I would never in a million years consider myself to be a cat person, it's such a beautiful piece of jewellery and I fell completely in love with it. The design is cast from a real cat skull and is solid but still a dainty enough necklace for everyday wear. All of the jewellery by Bloody Mary Metal is the real deal and I think it makes it all the more special when you know your jewellery is going to last an extremely long time. The presentation box which the necklace came in blew me away and it certainly felt like I had treated myself big time. It's a lovely matte finish square box with gorgeous gold detailing - very glamorous! Inside, the necklace itself lay on a spongey velvet cushion and held in place with a little pin so it looked perfectly positioned when it was opened.

In all honesty, I was nervous to receive my first piece of jewellery from Bloody Mary because this little beauty cost me £60 plus £8 in postage but I can truthfully say, I would happily pay that again for such stunning work and reliable service. I got emails and texts from Royal Mail stating that they had safely received my parcel and would be attempting to delivery it the next day, which also assured me of it's whereabouts and when to expect it. A lot of brands don't offer this sort of delivery service so it was really nice to know that Bloody Mary genuinely care about delivering your items to you safely and securely. Granted you pay a little extra for it, but the last thing you want is for something so expensive going missing in the post!

All of Bloody Mary's jewellery is made to order so it may take a few days for your order to reach you, but I think made to order makes it all the more special. They do however sometimes have a couple of the pieces made up already to speed things along and I believe each listing tells you how many they have available ready to ship. My skull necklace had already been cast so I didn't have to wait very long at all and the delivery was super quick. 
I love my engagement ring and our wedding rings to bits but I wish I had known about BMM when we were looking because they have some truly beautiful bespoke options and I can totally imagine us wearing our wedding pieces made by them. I'm so in love with the necklace I chose and it's no surprise that I'll be saving up for another treat when my bank account allows it!

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