February Favourites

Welcome back to another set of monthly favourites - these bad boys have excited me a lot over February so lets dig in!

The Little Melt Company Wax Melts
I've shared this wonderful little Etsy shop on my blog before but I have decided that I've never come across scents as top quality as these, even Yankee. They're only £1 per melt and Debbie has an awesome range of scents to choose from, even Lush dupes. They also make sweet little gifts - I bought some for my step-mum for her birthday and she loved them!

Options Hot Chocolate
Straight after a shift at work, the first thing I usually crave when I get home is a bar of chocolate. This pretty much then stops me from wanting any actual dinner and in a bid to try and become a bit healthier but get a chocolate fix at the same time, I have turned to hot chocolate. You can also get low fat squirty cream as an extra little nom nom to top it off and I find it to be just right for satisfying my taste buds but not filling me up too much to the point where I don't want any proper food.

Marshmallow Bubble Bath
Since actually having a bath tub, shopping for bubble bath is something that excites me a lot. As much as I love Lush bubble bars, they can end up being really expensive for every day or even weekly use so I like to have liquid bubble baths for back up, so I can save my Lush products for a proper little pamper. This one by Imperial Leather smells so sweet and you can definitely smell it on your skin after a good long soak. I'm dying to try the Foamy Banana scented one next - I hope this brand keeps up the sweet treat flavours!

Creme Eggs
With Easter just around the corner, or rather as soon as Christmas is out the way, the shops start to fill with all of those naughty chocolaty treats. I have literally never been a fan of Creme Eggs until this year and I've not been able to leave them alone. Honesty its been one every day in my lunch bag for work. I find them to be just the right amount of sickly sweet goo and they stop me from wanting any other naughties once I've had a Creme Egg for my chocolate fix. You also can't go wrong with Mini Eggs, am I right?!

Killer Queen by Katy Perry
I was out walking my dogs the other day with a friend and kept getting wiffs of her perfume and couldn't help but fall in love with it. Turns out it was Killer Queen by Katy Perry so I ended up buying myself a bottle. This perfume is both visually stunning and a great additive to any perfume bottle collection. It also smells perfectly sweet but super sexy at the same time, I've become obsessed with this scent and it seems to fill me with confidence.

I'm trying to explore a lot more this year and I'm always on the look out for new things to try so if you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear about them!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ohhh you've made me want mini eggs and creme eggs!


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