Fifty Shades - My Honest Opinion

Today I'm going to talk about something that I would never have thought I'd share on my blog when I started just over a year ago but since I've started involving movie reviews, I thought why the hell not.

My work friends organised a trip to our local cinema to see Fifty Shades Darker and instantly I was the one saying I wasn't interested. When the first film came out, I reacted exactly the same but I like to be able to see a movie before I start criticising it so I gave it a shot. Wasn't a fan, wasn't entertained. Eventually, the girls managed to sway me around to the idea that the second one is supposedly better and there is a lot more filth so I went to humour them and be sociable, plus our cinema is so beautiful - its an art deco style refurbed place and its so magical to visit.

These movies have made it into my top 10 most disliked films I have ever seen. They certainly were the type where I struggled to contain my 'thank fuck for that' as soon as the credits make an appearance at the end and I find it even more difficult understanding what makes people go crazy for these movies, bar the sex. We live in a world now, I believe, where sex isn't so taboo anymore and raunchy stuff is so readily available. During our cinema trip, I was surprised at how many 'older' couples were there and I'm talking 60+ year old folk and there is nothing wrong with that but I just felt so awkward about it all. Its as though you're being given a cheeky view of the things you aren't supposed to see and ya know what Fifty Shades? Stop sheltering your viewers and show them the money!

With regards to Fifty Shades Darker being even more saucy than the first movie, I highly disagree. It was more or less the same and I was surprised to notice that this film also unleashed my inner feminist that I didn't know I had. It seemed every time Christian screwed up, Anastasia tried to communicate how uncomfortable it made her etc but then they have sex and all is forgiven. It's not just a matter of control for Christian, its a matter of ownership and it really freaks me out that someone can be that possessive over another. I don't find it attractive in the slightest and as for verbal commands…you can sod right off.

A friend who came along to the cinema explained that the books are far better and the films miss out a lot of detail. Thing is, same can be said for Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and their story lines didn't suck half as much as the Fifty Shades series. I felt no connection to the storyline and there were moments where I actually contemplated having a nap but insisted on watching the entire thing so my argument was valid when discussing at the end.

Whether I'll see the next one or not I really don't know. They're definitely a few hours of my life I'll never get back and I just don't feel the need to watch these kinds of movies. From experience with asking friends what they thought to the film and why they enjoyed it so much, the thought of a controlling man thrills them to bits. Some even said they wished their other halves would do that to them and it made them want to go home and rip their partners clothes off. I went home and discussed the entire thing with James over a bag of nuts (no pun intended) and we both just can't get our heads around it all. Also why is it referred to as Mummy porn? Meh.

I think Fifty Shades is definitely a love/hate kind of series and I have nothing at all against those who really enjoy watching them. Let me know in the comments if you've seen them and what you thought because I'm always intrigued to hear others opinions.

Thanks for reading!

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