Herbal Essences Detox Review

As always, my quest for brilliant hair care products continues and I recently grabbed myself a bottle or two of the new range from Herbal Essences. The Detox range looks very simple and pure, plus there are some very exciting scents to choose from. I went with the Raspberry and Mint which smells absolutely incredible, totally unexpected as I would never have thought the two would mix well!

I had my hair cut a couple of weeks ago now and had around 3 inches off. I have also vowed to not colour my hair again for a while to give it a chance to recover. Surprisingly, when I straighten my hair, it feels in a much better condition, is a lot more manageable and it looks super healthy too. I say surprisingly because you'd have thought the heat might damage it but I'm always careful to not over do it and use protectors. I've been receiving comments from family and work friends saying they've noticed a difference in the quality of my hair so there is definitely nothing better than a good chop to liven things up.

I cannot even express how much I truly love the smell of the Raspberry and Mint flavour, like…its fantastic. I first used it when I had a banging migraine and I found it to be really soothing to my senses and whilst it wasn't a miracle worker and didn't sort my headache, the scent afterwards was spectacular and its honestly one of my favourite shampoo scents of all time now.

Whilst also on the subject of hair care products, I picked up a couple of cans of the new Rose Gold scented dry shampoo by Batiste and its also up there with some of my favourite scents that Batiste have to offer. I find it similar to the cherry one but as long as it leaves a nice fresh feel and smell to my hair, I'm happy! Working with animals means I come home stinking and my hair especially just seems to pick up every smell imaginable so a dry shampoo is super important for my routine and helps me to feel less rank during my day.

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