Lush Leicester Easter Launch

Last week I was lucky enough to receive an invite to the Lush Easter Launch at my local store in Leicester and I didn't hesitate to accept! After the last Lush event I went to, I had more of an idea about what to expect so I was much more relaxed and Lush were kind enough to allow a plus one so this time, I took my best friend with me and we had a right good time.

As with the Valentines range, this is the first time I've had a chance to actually buy some of the new products so I did indeed grab some newbies and oldies that I've not tested before. One of my favourite things to see were the bunches of carrots and the scents of all the new products were unreal. 

The staff were more than happy to show demos throughout the entire 2 hours that the event was held for and each time, they explained a bit about the product, their designs, fragrances and what I especially love is the whole experience is so personal. Everyone shares their favourites, encourages each other to try new things and its an amazing way to interact and meet some new people and make new friends too!

I think I spotted a few bloggers who I recognise from Twitter, but I'm way too much of a pansy to take the risk and ask if its them or not! I'm way better than I was when I went to my first event so fingers crossed, my social anxiety is getting better and I'll be making the first move in no time. I was really impressed by the range of 'surprise' products such as these huge Easter egg bath bombs. Inside they have another extra treat and they smelt delightful. Something I regret not picking up was the Flopsy face wash jelly, it was such a strange consistency and fun looking that I can't understand why I didn't give it a go.

How beautiful is this love themed soap? I majorly regret not buying a slice because it smelt to fresh and rosy. I did however buy myself a couple of blocks of the other soaps; an old favourite called Rock Star and one I haven't tried before in soap form, Karma. We were also invited upstairs to actually make some products ourselves to take away and again this was a great way to interact with people because one of the products was the Cupcake face mask and the group of us around the table each took it in turns to mix and add ingredients. It certainly is the little things like this that restore my faith in humanity and go to show you can have fun with complete strangers. The Lush staff are awesome at helping to break the ice and introduce you to the products, people and the Lush culture.

As always, a huge thank you to the Lush Leicester team, especially Aiyaaz for always being so energetic, enthusiastic and spreading the Lush love where ever he goes. It wouldn't be the same without him prancing around having a giggle - it creates a wonderful atmosphere and I was so thankful to have been a part of it once again.

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