Real Days

Todays post is all about what I like to call Real Days. The days where I'm not trying to create the perfect flat lay for my Instagram or even draw some new designs for my Etsy shop. Today has been full of anxiety, house chores, paperwork and coffee. 

This morning, I took my boy to the vets for an operation on his leg. There is something about taking animals to the vets and leaving them that I really struggle with. In the past when I've taken them for routine checkups and vaccinations, its been a breeze. Custard especially loves going to the vets; injections don't phase her and our vet gets on the floor to play and she knows she gets a treat from him when she's been good. Vespa is a little nervy but being a small dog, I can carry him closely and it helps him to relax. But leaving them behind and watching another person walk away with your pet as they look back after you is heart breaking. I told Vespa to be brave and that I wasn't leaving him forever but knowing that he probably doesn't fully understand absolutely ruined me. I got back in the car with my empty collar and lead feeling lost and alone. Of course when I got home, Custard was ecstatic as dogs usually are and thats one of the best feelings in the world. Even if I've been gone 5 minutes, she greets me with a huge smile and leaps into my arms for a cuddle and a kiss.

I grabbed a Mcdonalds breakfast on the way back with yet another coffee and decided to get cracking on some of my Etsy organising. Since moving house, I've not been as hot on filing all my orders and invoices away so its been a pretty big job but its so good for the mind knowing everything is straight. I've also been steaming a rug downstairs which Vespa had peed on - I must have done it over 10 times now and the house stinks. I've done some washing up, laundry, hoovered, wiped the floors down and prepared Vespa's crate for when he comes home tomorrow.

Its raining outside and it feels pretty damn miserable and surprisingly quiet with one less dog in the house. Its strange being just me and Custard again and she's gone back to bed like the lazy little slob that she is but knowing she's there brings me so much comfort. I've not been feeling myself recently and I've been struggling. I seem to have lost interest in everything and it almost feels like I'm trying to run underwater all the time. Recently my blog has received positive feedback for being raw and honest which has encouraged me to not be so embarrassed over what I write. I'm not a professional writer but if sharing my real life and real ups and downs with real people brings comfort to others, then I think thats a little something special. I know Vespa is fine at the vets and I know he'll be home in no time, but leaving him today was so hard and I miss him already.

Thanks for reading & have an awesome day!

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  1. Awww I know the pain of having to leave a dog overnight at the vets, you feel awful cod you can't explain what's going on to them and that you'll be back! I'm sure that Vespa will be overjoyed to see you tomorrow! Those pancakes look utterly mouthwatering, I want some! 😍 Would love you to continue this as a series, I love the realness!

    Abbey 🌸


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