Three Months Off The Pill - Update

It's been around three months since I took my last contraceptive pill and I thought it would be interesting to share the changes I've noticed since becoming artificial-hormone-free.

1. I feel less bloated
I'm not one to bloat up much anyway (its just podge, not gonna lie) but I've definitely noticed a few less pounds and also I don't feel as bloated after eating. Even during my periods, it's more of a tenderness than a bloated feeling.

2. I feel less stressed
My mind feels less pressured. It almost feels as though I can think clearer and process thoughts a lot easier than when I was taking the pill. One of the reasons I stopped taking it was to see if my mental health would improve and I can honestly say that yes, I believe it has helped and I also feel less anxious which brings me onto my next noticeable changed.

3. I feel more body confident 
This is one I find quite hard to explain but I feel more in tune with my body than I did whilst taking the pill and more confident in my own skin. I've been taking the time to look after my body more, whether that's enjoying a good soak in the bath or not feeling guilty when I simply need some comfort food, being kind to yourself is really important. I've also found it easier to open up to people about periods and get involved with conversations about them, even some of the males I work with are fascinated which makes a nice change. 

4. My skin type changed
Before going on the pill, my face was constantly dry and I have problem areas like my forehead which was always flaky and it used to embarrass me ever so slightly. Even the biggest dollop of moisturiser couldn't combat it but then I went on the pill and my skin became oilier. I had a typical oily t-zone and the dryness went away however now I'm back to being off the pill, here comes the flaky forehead. Its also been on my chin a tiny bit and on my cheeks and I tell you what, this cold weather certainly won't have helped! 

5. Tampons are uncomfortable 
I've never been a huge fan of tampons but sometimes they're required and I've been struggling to feel at ease with them again. In the past I've stuck to Tampax and an applicator is 100% necessary but I bought some Superdrug ones and found them to be so uncomfortable and painful to remove that I'm wanting to try other products. I've even bought a Moon Cup to try which I'm actually quite excited about and have done a first impressions review which you can read here.

6. Agonising periods
I don't want this to put people off coming off their contraceptive methods because everyone is different and it's not a case of it's definitely going to happen to you. My first period after coming off the pill was strange; very hormonal, easily upset, achy, sore, needed chocolate and crying when discovering the husband has eaten your Creme Egg. My second however was something else. I found myself having to put handwarmers in the top of my knickers, dosing up on pain killers all day everyday and doubling over because it was all too much. Hot water bottles, loss of appetite, drinking a shit tonne of water, hot flushes, dizzy spells. It's been awful. It's still very early days so I'm hoping it'll all settle down, but I can literally feel the confusion my body is feeling and I've been needing a lot of TLC. 

Obviously everyone has their own reasons for changing or completely stopping their contraception options and remember, what happens to others won't necessarily happen to you. Its a big change for your body so be kind and always speak to your doctor or sexual health nurse if you're worried about anything.

Thanks for reading!

Ellis x

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  1. Hi ellis
    I hope the symtoms youve been having settle soon. our bodies are such amazing but yet strange things!


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