Bomb Cosmetics First Impressions

If you're a candle or cosmetics lover, there is a huge chance you may have heard of this awesome brand, Bomb Cosmetics. I first saw these guys at my local garden centre and they had the most beautiful display, but being a firm and loyal Lush lover, I never made the plunge to buy anything as I have super sensitive skin. However, they have been cropping up in front of my face for a while and I kept repeating to James, "I think I'm going to give them a go" and it was really sweet of him to surprise me with these two goodies as part of my wedding anniversary present last month.

He bought me the Ripple-licious candle which smells just like Raspberry Ripple ice cream, along with the Love Cloud soap bar which is very sweet smelling and has a couple of different textures going on. The reason why I titled this as a 'first impressions' is because I just haven't had the heart to burn the candle or open the soap just yet, however both of them smell incredible and I haven't needed to burn the candle to make it freshen up my office space. I especially love that this is a piped candle, so they're handmade and look just like a little pudding, finished with what looks like a little bubble gum on top with sprinkles!

The entire range from this brand comes so beautifully packaged and would make beautiful little gifts for any of the women (or men!) in your life. The colours are vibrant, they smell fantastic and they're also very aesthetically pleasing! I'm really excited to try some of their bath bombs now I have had a taste for how great the products smell and don't feel at all guilty regarding cheating on Lush!

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