March Favourites

It's that time again, March has been and gone and now we're welcoming April and with that, Spring! I've been loving a few different bits and pieces over March so I won't keep you any longer, lets take a look!

Pokemon Pyjamas - Primark
March has been all about these pyjamas which I picked up from the huge Primark in Fosse Park (Leicester) and it is quite possibly my favourite store to visit. I believe they were only £8 and the colours are gorgeous, girly and geeky and I flippin love them. I also managed to find the matching pyjama top from the Leicester city centre store and I absolutely love the colours. Pokemon Trainer all the way!

LEGO Dimensions - PS4
Something about me which I haven't really disclosed on my blog is my love for games and I haven't got fully immersed in a game for so long. We bought ourselves a Playstation 4 after much debate as to whether it would ruin our social interaction or not and it's been one of the best buys this year so far. Playing games with someone else is so much fun and if you've not tried LEGO Dimensions, I highly recommend it. You can collect so many different characters, great merchandising by the way LEGO, and we've just got our hands on the Harry Potter set which includes Harry, the flying car, Hogwarts Express and of course Voldemort. There is something about trashing stuff and collecting coins in return that I find really therapeutic...not entirely sure what that says about me but it's such great fun exploring the different worlds and having a laugh with James along the way.

Baking is something I haven't found any time for over the past few months. I used to bake a lot but these days I find it difficult to muster up the energy or motivation. Since it's Easter though, I have found myself getting sucked in by all the cute little Easter chicks, new chocolatey treats that all the confectioners seem to be bringing out and thought I'd get creative. When it comes to cakes like Rocky Road, Tiffin and classic Crispy Cakes, the no bake part excites me a lot and they don't take up much time at all. This Rocky Road is something I threw together in half an hour and it's literally smashed up Rich Tea biscuits, Glacé Cherries, melted dark and milk chocolate, golden syrup and a lob of butter topped with halved mini Creme Eggs and mini Oreo Eggs, both by Cadbury's. I saw the recipe on one of those Facebook videos and tweaked it a bit, replacing marshmallows with the Oreo eggs (as marshmallows aren't vegetarian) and since I couldn't find my scales, just guessed amounts and they turned out beautifully. They went down so well with my family and I even made a second batch for James' birthday because he doesn't enjoy birthday cake! 

The Chainsmokers 
I don't believe I've ever added music or bands to my monthly favourites before and it's also not everyday a song catches my full attention on the radio. Listening to new music, especially in this day and age can be painful if anything. A lot of it all sounds the same and I don't ever feel like I discover something new that I enjoy. Then I heard 'Something Just Like This' and immediately recognised Chris Martins voice, YouTubed Coldplay and found out who the actual song was by. I must have been living under a rock because this band have so many hits and their lyrics really hit home. I've been exploring The Chainsmokers ever since and they're not my usual taste but they definitely have something that I feel really attracted to.

Lush Leicester
Earlier this month, I got invited to Lush's Easter Launch at the Leicester store and once again had such a brilliant time meeting new people, seeing the Lush staff, enjoying learning all about the new Easter products and just being a part of an awesome atmosphere. If you ever get the chance to go to a Lush event, you absolutely must go because it's such a unique experience and so much more personal. 

So there were a few different things I explored throughout March and it was a great month overall. James and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary and I enjoyed a well deserved week off work to spend some quality time on my blog, YouTube channel and Etsy shop. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm so obsessed with your content atm, Ellis!! Your Pokemon PJs are absolutely adorable and coupled with the unicorn dressing gown, you'll be the cutest thing ever 😍🦄 I am also loving the Chainsmokers, especially Paris and Something Like This (I'm a huge Coldplay fan!) - I thought they might be a bit of a one hit wonder but I'm very glad that they're not! Thanks for sharing!

    Abbey 💖

  2. Aww I love your March favourites list! You can never go wrong with Pokemon PJs! I have some from Primark myself but not the same ones as yourself. :)


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