Moon Cup Update

I'm very pleased to report that since coming off the pill back in January, my periods have returned and so far I've been lucky enough to be fairly on time. Before the contraceptive pill, I wasn't bang on a specific day of the month like some women are, but my body has sprung back to what I would call normal for me and right now I'm going through my third period since binning my last packet of pills.

Shortly after my last cycle, I went off to Fosse Park with my good friend Vik and we once again got onto the subject of periods and products available to help us women out. We sat discussing it over a well earned McDonalds fries and milkshake after one of our legendary Primark rummages and luckily, Boots was just around the corner to go and have an explore. Unfortunately, Superdrug didn't stock any sort of menstrual cups which was a little disappointing but Boots had the Moon Cup available and in both sizes. I went for Size B as I'm under 30 and haven't given birth and it cost me £21.99.

As soon as I got home I was analysing my Moon Cup from every angle, reading the leaflet provided from back to front and then again, and decided that I would give it a go before my cycle started again this month. Like everyone I suppose, I looked at the Moon Cup with both fascination and apprehension; it looks far too big, bizarrely shaped and a little scary. There are a couple of ways you can insert a menstrual cup so be sure to give them a research if you struggle, but I found the pinch and tuck method the easiest whilst also sat on the toilet. I was pleasantly surprised and it certainly put my mind at ease ready to use the cup once I started my next cycle.

Over the past two days, I have been extremely light, to the point where even a panty liner was a little excessive. This morning however, I woke up with those dreaded uncomfortable pains, sore muscles literally everywhere and I knew it had become heavier. To begin with, I wore a sanitary towel for a couple of hours and then decided sod it, I'm popping my Moon Cup in for a trial day. I honestly think if you have the opportunity to try it for the day at home, it will give you some peace of mind regarding leakages and comfort before wearing it out and about. I also thought putting the Moon Cup in would hurt because I get very crampy and sore down there during my cycle but it was unbelievably easy and it was really obvious to me knowing when it was in the right place. 

Usually when I wear tampons, I can't even sit down comfortably and I can feel them there at all points of the day. I've tried different sizes, different brands and whilst some are unbearable, I've found brands like Tampax to be the comfiest as they also provide the applicator and they're just smoother in general. However with the Moon Cup, I can sit as normal, put my legs up to my chest, lie down and walk around without being able to feel the cup. It's not irritated me or contributed towards cramping and so far, I've only had one leak occurrence and that was because I hadn't 'sealed' the Moon Cup properly.

The best thing about wearing the Moon Cup is it's so comfortable and although I have checked it three times today, I have noticed my confidence grow with it, especially when it comes to popping it in and taking it back out. I'm a little grossed out at the emptying of the cup as you just tip it down the toilet but I guess it's just because I'm not used to it! I would highly recommend taking a little packet of baby wipes or some tissues if you wear your cup out and about as although it's easy and with practice becomes second nature, you wouldn't want to be caught off guard at any time during your period.

So far, I'm really enjoying learning more about menstrual cups and I'm really proud of myself for making the decision to transition over to using mine over tampons and pads. It really does open your eyes as to how much waste us women produce just with disposable products alone so it'll definitely make a huge difference to the planet, the more women who give a menstrual cup a go. They're honestly not as scary as they look or sound and I can't wait to start telling my friends about my success so far with using one. You can also read my Moon Cup First Impressions post right here.

Thanks for reading!


  1. After reading your first review I have ordered a moon cup! This is the first time ever ive looked forward to a period to try it out!!

    1. That's awesome news! I hope you get on with it :) x


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