Naturelle Cosmetics Coffee Scrub Review

If there is something that truly makes me feel pampered, it's  a good body buffer and right now I'm really into coffee scrubs. Naturelle  Cosmetics kindly sent me a packet of their scrub to try and this one is tea tree scented - it smells amazing!

I always find the best way to use a loose scrub like this is to find a little dish to tip some product into before actually getting into your bath or shower. The last thing you want is a soggy bag of scrub so this keeps the rest of your product dry and it's so much easier scooping or sprinkling some product onto your skin from a little dish than out of the bag. I much prefer using these kinds of scrubs in a shower rather than a bath too as they can get quite messy and showering just makes it so much easier to rinse away. You do feel like a bit of a swamp monster when you're covered in murky brown coffee but I find it really fun at the same time.

These scrubs are little miracle workers because they're ace at buffing away all of your dead skin and leaving behind a lovely fresh new layer, but they also provide a moisturising finish due to their added natural oils. I don't tend to mess about when I'm using these either - it feels surprisingly good giving it some but obviously not too vigorous otherwise it could make your skin sore! For those of you who aren't a fan of coffee or the smell of it, the scented scrubs don't really have much of a coffee wiff to them so you may feel comfortable trying one, plus there is a huge range of flavours to choose from such as vanilla, cinnamon and coconut to name a few. These ones are £9.95 for a 200g bag which lasts ages and a small amount of product goes a long way. I used my scrub tonight and paired with a lovely fresh set of pjams, I feel reborn and ready for a peaceful nights sleep.

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