Oh K! Range Review

During a visit to my favourite gift shop 'Set' in Leicester, I spotted this adorable brand which I had never seen before and it had 'Ellis' written all over it. I restrained myself and managed to walk away empty handed, however whilst mooching through ASOS a few weeks later, I recognised them again immediately and was excited to see a few of the products were in fact in the sale section. I decided to purchase myself a few bits and with the fairly new points scheme that ASOS have, I though why the hell not!

OH K! are a super cute Korean brand which sell an array of beauty products such as face masks and hand creams, stationery and home wares along with the odd fashion accessory. I grabbed myself this adorable manicure kit and didn't realise until I was using it that the nail varnish is actually heat sensitive and changes colour! I thought I was going around the twist but it was really exciting and I found myself rushing to a tap to watch the shades change under warm and cold water. So far the paint hasn't chipped and the kit also comes with some dainty nail stickers, polish remover pads and two animal emery boards.

From the stationery range I picked up a packet of their scented erasers which are in little milkshake carton sleeves and they also smell absolutely divine. The scents included are lychee, mango and peach which all smell pretty similar but are ridiculously fruity and they're a decent size - perfect for those huge mistakes! I then saw the beautifully coloured pastel highlighters and what really made me squeal is the fact that the pens have sweet little faces on the lids, each with a different expression. 

Then I treated myself to this kitty pouch, which I'd actually had my eye on over on ASOS for a while but I couldn't decide what I would use it for. Since it was in the sale however, I added it to my basket and regret nothing. It has a lovely soft feel to it, plenty of space and would work great as a little evening clutch or just something simple for some cash, cards and a phone. I also have a pouch in my handbag full of 'girly' items so I don't ever get caught off guard so this would also work perfectly for that.

Let me know if you've ever bought anything from Oh K! and what you're favourite pieces are - I literally feel addicted and will keep my eyes peeled for any future goodies they bring out! 

Thanks for reading :)


  1. that cat pouch is lifeee! x


  2. Set was my favourite shop in Leicester! I'm glad it's still going strong! I've been eyeing up the colour change nail varnish, that set is gorgeous! I now want to go and place an order...
    Hels x

  3. I've seen loads of this brand around recently and got super excited that they were a new Korean brand that had made it's way here... But as far as I know it's now a Korean brand... This isn't a bad thing. :P

    I can't say that I love the beauty stuff much as I feel for the same money you can pick up Korean beauty items BUT I adore the stationary and home related stuff though!

    I want to do my whole office up with their stuff but MONEY! I especially love the cute pens and the water bottle they sell too. :D

    I love your haul and your review! You picked up some gorgeous pieces. ^_^



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