Someone Tried To Break Into My House

Having lived in a flat for the past 3 years within a huge house which was also occupied by 5 other people, being home alone never really phased me. There were two doors an intruder would have to get through and being on the second level, I had no chance of anyone looking through my windows at eye level (this happened to me once whilst living with my Mum - scared the life out of me!).

For the past 3 months however, we have lived in our new house on a beautifully fresh looking new estate, something we worked very hard for and have loved every second of being here. James doesn't go out very often, neither of us do. We're both the type who would much prefer a snuggly night in with a film and quality food. Last night however, he went for his belated Christmas meal with his work colleagues and I got far too excited about having the house to myself. I stocked up on treats, a new film, new pjams and of course my two little fur babies. I watched my film, blogged for a bit, edited a video, whacked on a face mask and was having such a relaxing evening which finished with an hour or so of Twitter/Instagram in bed to wind me down. 

Then I was woken up by Vespa barking. Both our dogs have their own bed to share next to ours but when I'm alone I have them in with me and they love it. It was half 1 in the morning, Vespa got up and came over, stood over me and started growling at the door. It was then that I heard someone literally trying to smash my front door in. Hearing someone trying to get in usually didn't bother me either because honestly, try getting into your own house when you've had a few to drink…I thought it was James coming home after a fun evening. But then this person was banging  on my windows, rattling my letter box and it was then that I properly woke up and sat upright, frozen. I text James asking if he was in the house and that moment when he replied 'no babe, I'm on my way home though' was one of the worst of my entire life.

At this point, I was thinking can I hold on until James gets home or do I need to go downstairs and try to work out who it is. Let's also add that I'm 5ft1, possess hardly any strength and there wouldn't be a cat in hells chance of me opening my front door to anyone. Luckily James was only 10 minutes away and the banging stopped so I stayed on the phone to him in an anxious mess waiting for him to get home safely. Not that he didn't believe me, but James doesn't really take any nonsense from anyone and tried to reassure me that it was just kids messing about after boozing in the park. I nodded and tried to settle back down, knowing he was in the house and that he didn't see anyone outside on his way in. But then it started again, he heard it too and this time he went down to confront whoever it was banging the shit out of our front door. 

It turns out, it was a lady wearing no shoes, tear stained and hysterical who had been at her friends house and her friend had turned on her for reasons unknown and began whacking her round the head with a wine bottle. Then it all bloody kicked off. Our neighbours across the road had stuck their heads out of their windows; turns out she'd been banging on everyones doors trying to get someone's attention, bullshitting to the absolute max and the police had already been called to get this lady taken home. I have no idea what the true facts are behind this woman deciding to wake the entire street at 01.30 in the morning but it went on for two hours and having to wake up for work the next day, you can probably imagine how grumpy I was. It's also known that this lady is a little dodgy and her story just didn't seem to add up which made it even more freaky and untrustworthy.

I was so frightened by this whole ordeal and I barely slept for the rest of the night so today, I've had to literally crawl through a shift at work and drink a tonne of coffee to survive. When something like this happens, even when it's all over and everything is safe again, the anxiety remains and this is what stopped my brain from relaxing and letting me sleep in peace. It also got me thinking of whether we were right to leave this lady outside, wearing no shoes, only a t-shirt and leggings, no phone, no car, no money because it was still all in her 'friends' house and crying like a lunatic in the middle of the street. Truth be told, you can never be too sure of who anyone is and it's not safe letting a stranger into your home. Even if they mean you no physical harm, what's to say they're not spying up your lovely furnishings and technology ready to strike when you're not there. I've always been pretty stranger-danger aware but I'd like to use this situation to try and encourage anyone at all to be safe, use the emergency services when you need to and never let a stranger into your house, especially after dark. This is taught to children throughout their younger years and as we get older, it's  just expected that we understand. Adults need to be just as careful and sometimes we all need to be helping each other but its important to recognise when it is safe to do so.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Omg this sounds pretty terrifying, Ellis!! I really hope that you're ok now! This lady definitely sounds like she'd had one too many!! Sending hugs! ❤️

    Abbey ✨


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