May Favourites 2017

These monthly favourites soon come around again don't they?! I've been loving plenty of new things this month so I won't keep you, let's get stuck in!

Unicorn iPhone Case - eBay
Last month, it was time for an upgrade and whilst there was nothing wrong with my old iPhone, it was cheaper to get a new phone (or I could have got a sim only deal but I was being weak and gave into the rose gold…let's be honest here) so I also treated myself to a new phone case to liven things up a bit. I loved this as soon as it arrived and it's so lovely to hold. You get that with phone cases don't you? Some are a pleasure to hang onto and others just don't feel 'comfy' in your hand. This one is super smooth and the design isn't scratching off or chipping, plus it showcases the wonderful rose gold underneath. 

Apple iPhone 6S Unicorn, Unicorn phone case

Nail Varnish
I've been painting my nails again, it's official and boy have I missed it. I stopped because I was getting pompholyx on my fingertips and my cuticles literally died (this wasn't the result of anything beauty related) but I have loved getting really creative with my nails again and can't wait to start experimenting with colours, finishes and decor. This is a unicorn inspired design I threw together and I think it looks so cute and girly.

Unicorn nail art, Barry M, nail art

I've been loving this mask so much, I can't believe I've only recently discovered it. It's been raved about across social media for the past few weeks now and let me tell you, it's definitely as brilliant as the reviews are making out. It leaves your skin feeling so refreshed and smooth with a lovely healthy glow. It's not harsh in the slightest and I have that annoying sensitive skin type that can be fussy with these things. You get a lot of product in the jar and it goes even further if you apply it with a clean makeup brush. Such a huge fan of this and I really enjoy using it in the bath whilst having a proper soak and a pamper.

The Body Shop Face Mask, charcoal mask

Chocolate Raisins - Lidl 
These bad boys are so tasty and at 59p a bag, you can't go wrong! I chuck a couple of bags into my trolley every week at Lidl and they're a great little treat and dare I say it, semi healthy?

Chocolate Raisins

Patisserie De Bain Hand Cream - Cherry Pie
Oh my...if you love hand cream or better yet, if you love anything cherry scented then you MUST give this beauty a try. It's so nourishing and has saved me during the colder days when my hands have been cracked and sore. It's also gentle and as I suffer with eczema, I can report that this cream didn't make me itch at all and it leaves behind a wonderful, fruity, very sweet scent.

Patisserie De Bain Cherry Hand Cream, cherry cream

Ever since Matilda was put into the Netflix 'recently added' bar, I have been watching it non stop. It's such a great film and one for all of the family. When I was younger, I remember being obsessed with wanting to watch this movie but I didn't own it, so I guess I'm making up for it now! I was also a major bookworm and Roald Dahl was my most treasured author; I'd read his books from front to back several times a year and couldn't get enough. I still own the books from my childhood now so I grabbed my copy of Matilda to read once again and I've absolutely adored re-entering Roald Dahl's hilariously magical world.

Matilda, Roald Dahl

These leads have been a god send for my two and I can't imagine not using this kind of lead ever again. I bought one for Vespa when he first came home because letting him off is a bit risky in open spaces as he tends to bolt if he gets frightened of something, but then I realised how much he loved the freedom this new lead gave him so I got Custard one as well. Custard is the opposite of Vespa and such a free spirit, to the point where she will just get so lost in her own little world with all the great smells that are there to be sniffed, that she will occasionally just go for it, so the lead works a treat for her too. Custard is also a bugger for approaching literally anyone and anything and although she is super friendly and harmless, you can't always assume the receiving end is going to want a random dog approaching them, so giving my guys an extendable lead allows them to wonder away without the risk of loosing them or getting told off.

Flexi Leads, Dog Blog, dog lead

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Dream Destinations - Iceland

We all have those dream destinations don't we? Those special places that are absolutely on our bucket lists and I love that each of us has a totally different idea of the perfect holiday. I thought it would be really fun to start a little series of dream destinations and to start off, I'm going to talk about Iceland. 

Not everyone's cup of tea but I just love how beautifully raw and crisp Iceland seems to appear. The Blue Lagoon looks like a truly magical experience and I can almost feel the warm water against my skin when I look at photos. It would be one of the first things I'd want to do whilst visiting Iceland and I'm not surprised as it's one of the country's most visited spots with it's waterfall massages, mud masks and relaxing in the warm, milky waters with a breathtaking view.

Another once in a lifetime type experience is of course the Northern Lights. You aren't even guaranteed to see them when you visit but imagine having the opportunity to gaze up at that spectacular view and enjoy every second? It looks so pretty and I bet it feels really surreal seeing something so stunning in the nights sky. There are also tours available for some of the Game of Thrones filming locations, along with whale watching and touring Iceland's famous Þingvellir National Park. The great thing about a lot of these tours is if you don't manage to see the Lights or any whales and dolphins, some of them will offer you a free ticket to return on another day to try again which I think is pretty awesome.

Iceland sounds like the perfect destination for people who love the great outdoors and seeing some of the Earth's most impressive and wondrous sights. With views like this, Iceland looks like a beautiful place to visit and I hope that one day I get the chance to explore and experience as much as I can. Have you ever been to Iceland or seen the Northern Lights? Let me know in the comments if you have or what you'd recommend doing!

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*Photos from

Summer Wish List

I've been seeing a lot of beautiful products around recently and thought I'd day dream a little longer by throwing them all into a mood board and starting a wish list series.

Irregular Choice bag, Sass and Belle, piping tips, paperchase, new look, bloody mary metal, wishlist
1. Bee Watch - Olivia Burton
I first spotted this watch in a jewellery shop at the Highcross in Leicester and completely fell in love with the Olivia Burton range. It's a very dainty, feminine and incredibly beautiful brand that I find impossible to not think about on a daily basis...literally. The watch in particular I think is so so pretty and one day, I hope I manage to get my hands on my very own.

2. Bubble Tea Bath Pearls
Bubble Tea fascinates me and I think it's so cute and fun. I spotted these on the Superdrug website (which may as well be my second home as I practically live there) and thought I'd add them to my wish list to try in the future. I'm majorly into my bubble baths right now and have been since moving into our new house that actually has a bath tub. Perhaps it's because Flat 4 didn't have a bath and I've been making up for it but I bet these little beauties would be so fun to use and I imagine them to smell amazing too.

3. Piping Nozzles - eBay
So I've been getting into baking again recently and I've always wanted to be able to pipe pretty roses and other designs onto my cupcakes and have failed miserably every time. I've tried so many techniques but it's always been with the crappy piping kits you get at the supermarket and not professional decorating tips. Believe it or not, you get such a different effect and the quality of your work is improved significantly when using the real deal as opposed to the stumpy little plastic things you get in the shops so I'd like to treat myself to some of these bad boys and see what I can get out of them. The tips are a lot more precise and the edges are sharper so I'd imagine them to make more of a definite shape rather than just a blob on a bit of sponge. Here's hoping!

4. Crossbones Ring - Bloody Mary Metal
It's no secret here that I'm a huge fan of Bloody Mary Metal and I've had my eye on this finger candy for a while now. I absolutely love it and think it looks so pirate-y and bad ass. I adore rings and my collection is slowly but surely growing, plus all Bloody Mary Metal jewellery is handmade to order right here in the UK which makes it that extra bit special.

5. Jewellery Box - Paperchase
I saw this whilst wandering around the Highcross yet again and thought it was so perfect that i just had to capture it here and share it with you all. It's labelled as a jewellery box but it's a trinket box big enough to house other things in such as eye shadows, hair accessories or even sweets Alice in Wonderland style! It's an absolute must have for any unicorn lover and I think it would look so beautiful on a dressing table or windowsill.

6. Doghouse Bag - Irregular Choice
Behold, the bag of dreams that is the 'Doghouse' by Irregular Choice and this my friends is what dreams are made of. Not to everyone's taste, but this bag is the very essence of me and I would love nothing more than to prance around with this on my arm. I'll be saving up for a million years mind, (joking, it's not exactly Mulberry money) but still, at £99 it's not your everyday purchase but I bet it's worth every penny. The detailing Irregular Choice products have on them is simply breathtaking and I bet it's such a delight unboxing anything they make. So beautiful, so perfect.

7. Lima Llama Cases - Sass and Belle
Alas, llamas are becoming the next unicorn and this makes me very happy indeed. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about all this unicorn and llama malark because I felt like I loved both of these before it was cool and now literally everywhere is raving about these two amazing creatures. The bright side is, so many wonderful products are being released left, right and centre which means there is plenty of eye candy out there but it also means I'll never have any money because I'm spending it all on unicorns and llamas. Sass and Belle have recently released an entire range dedicated to llamas and I love these little suitcases so much. They'd be great for storing all of my crafty clobber or even stacking in the corner of our bedroom full of accessories or simply just looking awesome. Who knows.

So that was everything for my first wish list and I hope you enjoyed delving into my little world of 'oh my god that's so cute can't cope'. I'd love to keep doing these as they're super fun to make and it allows me to dribble over gorgeous products without breaking my bank account!

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Nutribuddy Breakfast Kit Review

Last June I was reviewing the Nutribuddy Weight Loss Shakes and was thrilled to bits to get involved once again to try these new Breakfast Kits. Nutribuddy very kindly sent me this new bundle to try and as I'm on a mission to make myself a little bit healthier, I couldn't wait to get started. Included in the kit is some instant porridge, a jar of chocolate breakfast powder which is basically a blend of oats, seeds and coconut, along with three different pouches of chia seeds, flax seeds and desiccated coconut, with a couple of scoops and a shaker. The entire set is suitable for veggies and vegans so happy, smiley faces all around!

My first experiment consisted of soaking some oats overnight in some hemp milk (as I don't drink cows milk) and I also added some of the flax seeds, chia seeds, some blueberries, raspberries and a sprinkle of coconut. I'm not a huge fan of coconut but adding a small amount means you can't taste it whilst still getting the goodness. I soaked mine in a jar to have as breakfast the next morning and it was so tasty! Overnight oats is a great option for brekkie and there are so many different recipes which I am dying to try. Pinterest is an awesome place to have a mooch around to collect some ideas. Yoghurt is also a really nice alternative to milk and makes a much creamier consistency, plus there are loads of flavours to choose from, my favourite being strawberry!

I also tried the breakfast powder in my shaker with some chocolate soya milk and it was surprisingly filling. I always use the chocolate soya milk as I feel it has more to it than just the plain soya/rice/hemp milk and it also feels like more of a treat rather than a strict healthy breakfast. I would never have thought to add things like chia and flax seeds to my morning porridge and the best thing is, if you're not a fan you hardly notice they're there but they're so healthy and we all need more super foods like this in our bodies. I'm a huge fan of Nutribuddy products because they taste great which can often be a bit of a flaw in healthy weight loss style items I've tried in the past. The last thing you want is to feel even more deprived than you already do whilst trying to cut out unhealthy foods and Nutribuddy, especially the chocolate flavours, really hit the spot for me and I don't feel like I'm missing out on the sweet, fatty snacks that I'm so used to cramming into my face.

A huge thank you to Nutribuddy for sending this kit over to try and I'll pop a link below to the kit if you want to try it for yourself. I like to focus less on the weight loss and more on getting my body healthier and fitter and there's no better place to start than with a filling, healthy breakfast.

Nutribuddy Breakfast Bundle

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Webbox Dream Bone Review*

Today's post involves a review from both my doggies, Custard and Vespa, who have recently been lucky enough to be sent a set of treats from the Dream Bone range by Webbox*. My two love getting involved and will snap up any opportunity to try new goodies and treats to share with their furry friends. They were sent a stash of different flavours to try so let's get stuck in!

Webbox, dog treats

Custard and Vespa both tried one of each of the following flavours, Chicken and Vegetable//Beef and Vegetable  from the delicious treats pouches and they absolutely loved them! From an owners perspective, something which is up their with important factors for treats is resealable bags. Since my two are small dogs, they don't get through treats very quickly and more often than not, they get treats cut in half and they share one between them. Having a resealable bag helps to stop the treats going hard or even off (as I have experienced in the past with other brands) so major points here to Dream Bone for providing pouches with a reseal strip on them. They also tried some of the Stuffed Twist chews which again come in a resealable bag and they both went crazy for them!

dog treats, Webbox

The treats themselves are a healthy alternative to rawhides and low in fat. Custard can pile the pounds on if I don't monitor her food intake closely, I swear that dog doesn't have a full signal anywhere in her body but these are great as a little treat and I know they won't make her blow up like a balloon after munching on one. They're also really soft which is great for Vespa as he's not a fan of rawhides at all. He just can't seem to get into them bless him so Dream Bones are brilliant as they look like rawhides, only softer for his little mouth to get around and they smell like they have more to them as well in terms of taste. You could also cut them in half if you have more than one dog and make the pack go further. I'm sure all pet owners love getting treats for their pets and it's really helpful knowing the Dream Bones aren't full of nasty fat which a lot of treat style foods can be. The small bones are the perfect size for my two but they come in three different sizes, depending on the size of your dog and they're also gluten free. Currently, Dream Bone products are available in the big name supermarkets like Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Morrisons and Ocado but you also grab them on Amazon.
webbox, dog treats, dog food

So here they are, waiting patiently to get stuck into another knotted bone treat which I think were their favourites! Their little faces light up every time I go to their Dream Bone stash and they sit like this every time the purple packaging makes an appearance! A huge thank you to Webbox for sending these over for us to try and for making the experience fun for me as well. I love watching my dogs discover something new that they enjoy.

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*These products were sent to Custard and Vespa to try and review on my blog*

Top 5 Rides at Disneyland Paris

At least three times a year I get a massive urge to start looking into going to Disneyland Paris and how I could go about persuading James to go back with me. Disneyland Paris has a major sentimental value to me as I have such great memories from when my parents took my brother and I when we were little. These memories are even more special now since my parents aren't together and remembering the good times we had as a family are very important to me. I thought I would round up my top 5 rides to go on whilst at Disneyland just so I can daydream a little longer about the magical world of Disney.

Phantom Manor
This is the haunted house at Disneyland Paris and whilst it's not the most exciting ride in the world and is seriously old now, it was my favourite ride as a child. Everything from the queue outside amongst the creepy garden to the crazy illusion within the lift as you enter the ride makes me so giddy. I'm a huge sucker for anything spooky and I was lucky enough to experience Disneyland in 2014 during Halloween and it was AMAZING! The house is also part of the story surrounding Thunder Mesa which is the fictional mining town of Frontierland. If you've never looked into it, it's worth a read!

Phantom Manor, Disneyland Paris, Haunted House

Big Thunder Mountain
Again this is one of the rides which holds a huge amount of sentimental value for me as this is the one ride that my entire family absolutely adored when we visited back in the 90's. I remember we got onto the Thunder Mountain ride one evening and it was the last ride of the broke down in one of the tunnels and as a little apology, the operators sent us around a couple more times which was so bloody exciting and the best thing ever no matter what age you are! Queuing is a nightmare for this ride as it seems to never end, especially on a busy day but there is plenty of decor to look at and some pretty decent views of the rest of the park. It's literally just a run away train but my god it's a good one!

Disneyland Paris, Big Thunder Mountain

Pirates of the Caribbean 
James can't understand why this ride is one of my favourites and to be honest, the biggest reason is quite frankly ridiculous. It's the smell. This ride has a certain smell that makes me feel like I'm actually walking around Tortuga and it takes me back to being a child, feeling the excitement. I also love the 'big' drops around various parts of the circuit and how you get a little bit splashed! The general atmosphere of the ride is so much fun and you get to see so many different pirates dancing around, swinging from buildings and singing their heads off, all drinking rum of course. For those of you who haven't been on, it's a steady water ride with the occasional flume style slide. It's very visual and an absolute must for any pirate lover.

Pirate of the Caribbean, Disneyland Paris, Disneyland Ride,

This is one of the newer rides based in the Walt Disney Studios park and I went on it for the first time in 2014. It's trackless but you still sit in a little ratty shaped cart that takes you around various rooms that make you feel like you're a tiny little rat, scurrying between table legs and avoiding being trodden on. The rooms have different smells to them as well so it's a very 4D style experience…the kitchen smells like fresh baking! It's very relaxed and great for all ages, the only downside is the queues were enormous due to it's popularity but I guess that goes to show how awesome it is!

Space Mountain
I remember when my parents took us to Disneyland when I was little, my brother and I were too small for Space Mountain and my parents went on without us haha! One waited at the entrance with us whilst the other sprinted round which is pretty damn cute looking back. They did the same for the Indiana Jones ride which I remember being my Mum's favourite. So when I went back to Disneyland in 2014, this was one of the first rides I went on. It's pitch black atmosphere and glowing planets is such an exciting experience and the entire queue leading up to the ride itself certainly puts you into a great spacey mood! I also love the first bit of the ride where it shoots you up the tunnel which you can see to the right of the photo below which truly makes you feel like you're being flung into outer space.

Spain Mountain, Disneyland Paris, Star War, Star Wars ride,

Those were some tough choices and although I love everything at Disneyland, these are the attractions that stand out to me the most. I'd love a trip to Disneyland Paris right now, it's literally the happiest I've ever been on holiday and the atmosphere is so magical. The convenience of staying in one of the Disney hotels is both fun and exciting and although I've yet to stay in the big posh Disneyland Hotel, I have high hopes that one day I'll go with my own little family.

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Blippo Stationery Haul

Today I thought I'd share with you all a recent haul I bought from one of my favourite online kawaii stores, Blippo! The great thing about Blippo is you can pick up some absolute bargains and there is a huge selection of cute gifts ranging from plushies to stationery. Not only that, but they do some weird and wonderful Japanese snacks and candies which I always enjoy trying so lets get stuck in!

The first thing I grabbed was this pack of glitters and this along with a few other things were bits I thought I'd get for my next giveaway. There are six different colours and perfect for crafting - what's not to love? I also grabbed myself some new stickers and these ones are cute little bears with rainbows and strawberries on them. I love to add stickers to my letters I send to my friend in Wales so I have a bit of a collection going on!

Blippo, haul, cute stationery

This little stamp kit is also going into my giveaway pile and it's a little bundle of 5 stamps with a blue ink pad included. Stamps are great for decorating scrapbooks and another goodie for decorating letters to your friends…my favourite is the little sweet!

Blippo, cute stationery

I got these adorable chopsticks for when James and I do noodle night which is literally every week. I've been keeping my eye out for some cute chopsticks for a while and thought these ones were perfect. They've got the Little Twin Stars on them which I feel familiar with but I've never bought anything with these guys on before. I think I'm a new fan!

Blippo, cute stationery

Then I got this pack of pastel highlighters and I thought it would be cute to add these into some random orders from my Etsy shop. I adore stationery and I know a lot of my customers do too so I grab any opportunity I can to share the love and encourage creativity. These each have a cute kawaii face on them which makes them even more ridiculously sweet!

Let me know in the comments if you've ever bought anything from Blippo before! I'm an absolute addict!

Thanks for reading :)

Inna Box - An Etsy Shop

For a while now I've been spotting the hype that is badges and pins. Seeing people's collections all over Instagram made me think 'ooh maybe I could start my own collection' so I placed my first order with Inna Box Design last week for a little treat. Better yet, my order was really cheap since I bought one of the pins from the 'seconds' section so I got a beautiful pin for an absolute bargain! These bad boys are only £2-£3 each and they are totally worth every penny.

Unicorn pin, Innabox, etsy shop,

First up, I'm struggling to see how this pin is a second as it's so pretty, fun and quirky, featuring you guessed it...unicorns! It's a tad naughty but for those of you who can't handle it, get out. I thought it was a hilarious idea and the glittery rainbow makes it even better. The pin is called 'Unisex' - get it?! And is also a decent size so it's not ridiculously miniature but not too in your face if you wanted to wear it on your jacket. At the back it has two rubber stoppers as opposed to metal ones which I have commonly seen in pin badges but rubber must be the way forward as I really struggled to get the stoppers off, so there is a very slim chance of losing your pin. That must be every pin wearers biggest nightmare!

Any regular visitors to my blog will also know how much of a packaging fanatic I am and this ticked all of the boxes! Parcels that come in tiny little packages are often so much more exciting and this one came wrapped in some adorable washi tape with yet more unicorns, a handwritten note and a sweetie inside. The business cards included showcase an array of other products available from this shop and I was also pleased to discover they are also a fan of llamas. Any llama lover is more than welcome here! My parcel arrived within a couple of days of placing my order and I was well and truly chuffed to bits with the whole experience.

Let me know what you think to this awesome little pin and whether or not you collect them yourself...I'd love to see photos if you do!

Thanks for reading,

Katie Abey - An Etsy Shop

It's been a while since I had a root through Etsy and I thought it was about time I bought a few treats to not only share here, but also give as gifts. This time I grabbed a few things from an illustrator whose name is Katie Abey and she is another fabulous seller from the UK and her shop is jam packed with hilarious and quirky giftware.

First up, I couldn't not get this adorable unicorn coaster to go in my office and I will also add how reasonably priced the entire shop is. The coasters are £3.50 which is such a bargain and the range of designs available is very impressive. The colours are vibrant, the coaster is of great quality and it looks super cute too. I love it!

Next up, one of my work friends popped into my head when I saw this design so I thought I'd get her a little treat. She's absolutely obsessed with Alice in Wonderland so I think she's going to adore this magnet and I also got one of Katie's greeting cards to match.

I'm a huge sucker for fridge magnets…don't ask me why but when my fridge is naked, something just doesn't feel right okay? It takes a lot for me to purchase something cat related because I wouldn't in a million years consider myself a cat person, but how funny is this magnet?! I need more of these quirky little illustrations because just looking at them tickles me!

Finally, I fell so in love with this simple yet brilliant design and thought it would look awesome on my fridge as a magnet. It's the perfect gift for any Harry Potter lover and again it comes as a magnet, badge, keyring or little pocket mirror.

There is nothing I enjoy more than supporting other Etsy sellers, especially other artists as I know it means the world when people support your work. Katie's shop is brilliant and chokka with all sorts of gift ware - you're bound to find something for everyone here! I'll definitely be keeping her in mind for Christmas...

Thanks for reading :)

Why I'm A Hufflepuff

There is nothing I love more than a Harry Potter marathon. Being the exact same age as Harry and his friends were in the stories and growing up with them was and still is such a wonderful experience and they are without a doubt my favourite films. Like any Harry Potter fan, your first instinct is to want to be a Gryffindor and be in the same house as Harry himself and for that, I couldn't bring myself to take the Pottermore sorting test when it first came out. I did however, literally only last year and I came out as a Hufflepuff. At first I was embarrassed and felt awkward - I knew absolutely nothing about this house! And for those of you who are sat there thinking 'c'mon, it's just an online test', the sorting ceremony is a huge deal for any Harry Potter lover.

Over time, I have come to learn why I was placed in Hufflepuff and it no longer surprises me. Fair play, loyalty, hard working and patience to name a few are apparently some of a Hufflepuff's most typical traits. We're also creative and impartial, willing to give anyone a fair chance and believing in equality. I'm also the least competitive person you'll ever meet, always being one of those 'it's the taking part that counts!' kind of individuals.

I've grown to adore my Hogwarts house and can't think of any other that I'd be better suited to. I don't feel that Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw get enough exposure throughout the films or the books though. Granted Ravenclaw has a big part at the end what with locating and destroying the lost diadem and Hufflepuff had it's moment in the Triwizard Tournament with Cedric Diggory, but seeing a little more involvement from both houses would have been awesome. On that note, it's also a shame that merchandise more often than not doesn't expand to cover all four Hogwarts houses - Primark this is mainly directed at you! I've been in a few times and inspected the Harry Potter merch and it's limited to Gryffindor and Slytherin. What is a Hufflepuff to do?!

Let me know in the comments which house you're in if you've been sorted and if not, which do you think you'd be put in and why?

Thanks for reading!

April Favourites

It's that time again! We've said goodbye to April and I know many of you will have welcomed May with open arms, ready for warmer weather and sunny skies. It's a shame England still feels so cold right now but I'm hopeful it'll get much nicer this month...why we saw snow in April is beyond me! Anyway, here are the items I was loving throughout last month.

Strawberry Body Butter - The Body Shop
This has to be my favourite scent from The Body Shop and I've been carrying this with me everywhere! It smells fantastic and it's such a strong scent yet very gentle on your skin. I use it as a hand cream and it sinks in nicely, leaving you which a lovely soft surface which is highly moisturised. I've received endless comments from my work buddies saying this is the best smelling cream ever and even the guys have been getting involved with keeping their mitts moisturised!

Mini Kitty Necklace - Bloody Mary Metal
I finally treated myself to this little beauty from Bloody Mary Metal and I have no regrets. It cost me £60 which was a little more than I would usually pay for a piece of jewellery but it was worth every penny and it's so pretty. I've had so many compliments on it even if it is a skull which I fully appreciate isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I personally love it to bits and wear it every single day.

Tea Tree BB Cream - The Body Shop
This is a product that didn't win me over the first time I used it. I thought it had poor coverage and that I wasn't keen on the smell, but as of my second experience with applying this BB Cream, I am 100% won over and can't understand how I didn't get on with the very first application?! This BB Cream contains tea tree oil so it's no surprise that it's helped clear up my skin which is great considering you're adding a makeup product whilst also doing your skin a favour. It smells really fresh and it's one of my favourite steps for my everyday makeup. I use the shade 'light' and I've never found a BB Cream to match my skin tone as well as this one. It truly is a lovely pale colour and not at all orangey like I have seen in other BB's. I will definitely be repurchasing this when it runs out and hope The Body Shop don't discontinue it any time soon!

Cupcake Face Mask - Lush
This mask is something I made along with the rest of my group at the Lush Easter event in March and it was sat in my fridge for a couple of weeks before I used it. It's so cakey and exactly like brownie mix but that doesn't stop it from being really comfortable and gentle on your skin. It's also very easy to wash off so don't let it's dark colour and stodgy consistency put you off! It leaves my face feeling lovely and soft and better yet, doesn't make me break out in spots.

Thanks for reading!

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