Beauty and The Beast Movie Review

So I'm well late to this party and although most of you have no doubt already seen the new Disney live action, I thought I'd do a movie review to share my thoughts. As always, watch out for spoilers and feel free to skip this post if you haven't already seen the movie.

Wow. If anything, I'm gutted I waited so long to see this film. I'm sure any Disney lover will agree with how exciting it felt hearing that opening piano tune which was featured in the original animated movie. I loved the fact that this version of the story stuck to pretty much exactly how the animated film went and although this meant you knew how it was going to go (if you'd seen the original) it kept you waiting on edge to see exactly how they'd recreate it. This had plenty of room for flaws but I found it highly enjoyable and nostalgic to see my favourite scenes transformed into a live action.

I was sceptical as I'm sure a lot of people were about Emma Watson singing. Growing up and knowing her as Hermione Granger, imagining her singing just didn't feel right. I feel like a fool now though, for Emma has a beautiful voice and I can no longer think of anyone better suited to play Belle. And as for Gaston, bloody brilliant character. Incredible voices and they again sounded very much alike the animated classic. LeFou was hilarious and unbelievable alike his cartoon version and the end up falling for him just as much as Belle. He's totally loveable but they did a cracking job of making him as terrifying as possible during his and Belle's first meeting.

This movie is visually stunning and the castle is absolutely on point, everything an enchanted castle should be and they did such a wonderful job of bringing all of the home ware characters to life. What I especially enjoyed was the fact I went with James and for him to leave a Disney film feeling as satisfied and impressed as I was goes to show this is a brilliant movie for all ages, both male and female. There was a great mix to demonstrate this when we were at the cinema; children and families, couples, groups of friends and even Grandparents.

A massive surprise for me was Ewan McGregor playing Lumiere - I had no idea! His french accent was incredible and I was so impressed by all of the actors involved with this film. There are some huge names within the cast and for a lot of them, this film was very different to anything they have done in the past which must have been very fun and exciting for them! James and I left our local cinema feeling so buzzed and couldn't find a single point we felt could have been done better. Sometimes live actions can be a bit of a disappointment when they've come from an animation, especially a Disney but Beauty and the Beast was truly 100% enjoyable and I can't wait to grab myself the DVD!

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  1. I canNOT wait for it to come out on DVD either - I know I'm going to watch it over and over again. I was really prepared for there to be some major flaws in the fil too, but I think it was perfect

    Steph -


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