Blippo Stationery Haul

Today I thought I'd share with you all a recent haul I bought from one of my favourite online kawaii stores, Blippo! The great thing about Blippo is you can pick up some absolute bargains and there is a huge selection of cute gifts ranging from plushies to stationery. Not only that, but they do some weird and wonderful Japanese snacks and candies which I always enjoy trying so lets get stuck in!

The first thing I grabbed was this pack of glitters and this along with a few other things were bits I thought I'd get for my next giveaway. There are six different colours and perfect for crafting - what's not to love? I also grabbed myself some new stickers and these ones are cute little bears with rainbows and strawberries on them. I love to add stickers to my letters I send to my friend in Wales so I have a bit of a collection going on!

Blippo, haul, cute stationery

This little stamp kit is also going into my giveaway pile and it's a little bundle of 5 stamps with a blue ink pad included. Stamps are great for decorating scrapbooks and another goodie for decorating letters to your friends…my favourite is the little sweet!

Blippo, cute stationery

I got these adorable chopsticks for when James and I do noodle night which is literally every week. I've been keeping my eye out for some cute chopsticks for a while and thought these ones were perfect. They've got the Little Twin Stars on them which I feel familiar with but I've never bought anything with these guys on before. I think I'm a new fan!

Blippo, cute stationery

Then I got this pack of pastel highlighters and I thought it would be cute to add these into some random orders from my Etsy shop. I adore stationery and I know a lot of my customers do too so I grab any opportunity I can to share the love and encourage creativity. These each have a cute kawaii face on them which makes them even more ridiculously sweet!

Let me know in the comments if you've ever bought anything from Blippo before! I'm an absolute addict!

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. Ooo I've never heard of Blippo! :D

    I love all the cute little things you picked up! I'm going on the website now to have a look at what I erm... shouldn't buy. :P


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