Cloth Pads Review

Since this is the year that I welcomed myself back into the world of periods and menstrual struggles, I thought I'd explore more products available to help us women out. I have already been trying out the Moon Cup and you can read my full review here, but this month I wanted to try out cloth pads. I first heard about these whilst readings Tara's blog and was instantly intrigued as to what cloth pads were. In my head I was speculating what cloth pads might look like, what would they feel like, are they easy to clean, are they comfortable? So I decided to try some for myself.

I went over to Cheeky Wipes for mine and picked up two different designs which were £4.50 each. I thought I'd get at least two because I didn't want to be left short and also didn't want to buy too many in case I didn't get on with them. So cloth pads...what do they feel like? To be completely honest with you all, I haven't felt many things that are as soft as these. They are lovely and fleecy and feel really gentle against your skin. The designs are ridiculously cute and part of me didn't want to use them at all in case they got ruined! Which leads me onto cleaning the cloth pads. All you do is pop them into a cold wash and this is to stop the blood from staining your pads along with keeping them in a good condition. Hot washes aren't good for them as the blood will set in there and the pads may loose their shape. You reshape your pads whilst damp then hang them to dry. Don't worry if you don't have a washing line or are embarrassed to hang a sanitary towel outside for the neighbours to see - one of those sock hangers will work perfectly indoors!

So I used my cloth pads as extra support whilst wearing the Moon Cup. As this month was only my second with the Moon Cup, there have been a couple of occasions where I haven't quite got the 'seal' positioned properly and behold, we have a leakage. This is okay since I was wearing a liner as well for unexpected mishaps like this, but the cloth pads are so much comfier and also just go straight into the wash when I've worn one. The first day I wore my Moon Cup this month I used a cloth pad with it and luckily I did because my cup leaked again, but the pad caught everything and it was really absorbent. I didn't feel damp at all and it's still early days for me using a Moon Cup so leakages are bound to happen! You forget you're wearing cloth pads whereas I find standard liners and sanitary towels almost feel like you're wearing a nappy. I felt snug as a bug wearing the cloth pads and they were also breathable so I didn't feel like a sweaty mess down there.

For me the most valuable part of using the cloth pads is to reduce land fill waste as this is what we women contribute towards each month. With all these new eco-friendly products coming out, I thought it'd be rude to not at least give them a go and see how I felt afterwards rather than completely turn my nose up at them. They do take some getting used to but even one day of using the Moon Cup made me realise how much less waste I was getting through and I felt really good about using one. I'll pop a link below to the pads I bought from Cheeky wipes which were the day time ones, but you can also get night time and liners. 

Cloth Pads - Day Time

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