Dream Destinations - Iceland

We all have those dream destinations don't we? Those special places that are absolutely on our bucket lists and I love that each of us has a totally different idea of the perfect holiday. I thought it would be really fun to start a little series of dream destinations and to start off, I'm going to talk about Iceland. 

Not everyone's cup of tea but I just love how beautifully raw and crisp Iceland seems to appear. The Blue Lagoon looks like a truly magical experience and I can almost feel the warm water against my skin when I look at photos. It would be one of the first things I'd want to do whilst visiting Iceland and I'm not surprised as it's one of the country's most visited spots with it's waterfall massages, mud masks and relaxing in the warm, milky waters with a breathtaking view.

Another once in a lifetime type experience is of course the Northern Lights. You aren't even guaranteed to see them when you visit but imagine having the opportunity to gaze up at that spectacular view and enjoy every second? It looks so pretty and I bet it feels really surreal seeing something so stunning in the nights sky. There are also tours available for some of the Game of Thrones filming locations, along with whale watching and touring Iceland's famous Þingvellir National Park. The great thing about a lot of these tours is if you don't manage to see the Lights or any whales and dolphins, some of them will offer you a free ticket to return on another day to try again which I think is pretty awesome.

Iceland sounds like the perfect destination for people who love the great outdoors and seeing some of the Earth's most impressive and wondrous sights. With views like this, Iceland looks like a beautiful place to visit and I hope that one day I get the chance to explore and experience as much as I can. Have you ever been to Iceland or seen the Northern Lights? Let me know in the comments if you have or what you'd recommend doing!

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*Photos from Pixabay.com

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