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For a while now I've been spotting the hype that is badges and pins. Seeing people's collections all over Instagram made me think 'ooh maybe I could start my own collection' so I placed my first order with Inna Box Design last week for a little treat. Better yet, my order was really cheap since I bought one of the pins from the 'seconds' section so I got a beautiful pin for an absolute bargain! These bad boys are only £2-£3 each and they are totally worth every penny.

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First up, I'm struggling to see how this pin is a second as it's so pretty, fun and quirky, featuring you guessed it...unicorns! It's a tad naughty but for those of you who can't handle it, get out. I thought it was a hilarious idea and the glittery rainbow makes it even better. The pin is called 'Unisex' - get it?! And is also a decent size so it's not ridiculously miniature but not too in your face if you wanted to wear it on your jacket. At the back it has two rubber stoppers as opposed to metal ones which I have commonly seen in pin badges but rubber must be the way forward as I really struggled to get the stoppers off, so there is a very slim chance of losing your pin. That must be every pin wearers biggest nightmare!

Any regular visitors to my blog will also know how much of a packaging fanatic I am and this ticked all of the boxes! Parcels that come in tiny little packages are often so much more exciting and this one came wrapped in some adorable washi tape with yet more unicorns, a handwritten note and a sweetie inside. The business cards included showcase an array of other products available from this shop and I was also pleased to discover they are also a fan of llamas. Any llama lover is more than welcome here! My parcel arrived within a couple of days of placing my order and I was well and truly chuffed to bits with the whole experience.

Let me know what you think to this awesome little pin and whether or not you collect them yourself...I'd love to see photos if you do!

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