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It's been a while since I had a root through Etsy and I thought it was about time I bought a few treats to not only share here, but also give as gifts. This time I grabbed a few things from an illustrator whose name is Katie Abey and she is another fabulous seller from the UK and her shop is jam packed with hilarious and quirky giftware.

First up, I couldn't not get this adorable unicorn coaster to go in my office and I will also add how reasonably priced the entire shop is. The coasters are £3.50 which is such a bargain and the range of designs available is very impressive. The colours are vibrant, the coaster is of great quality and it looks super cute too. I love it!

Next up, one of my work friends popped into my head when I saw this design so I thought I'd get her a little treat. She's absolutely obsessed with Alice in Wonderland so I think she's going to adore this magnet and I also got one of Katie's greeting cards to match.

I'm a huge sucker for fridge magnets…don't ask me why but when my fridge is naked, something just doesn't feel right okay? It takes a lot for me to purchase something cat related because I wouldn't in a million years consider myself a cat person, but how funny is this magnet?! I need more of these quirky little illustrations because just looking at them tickles me!

Finally, I fell so in love with this simple yet brilliant design and thought it would look awesome on my fridge as a magnet. It's the perfect gift for any Harry Potter lover and again it comes as a magnet, badge, keyring or little pocket mirror.

There is nothing I enjoy more than supporting other Etsy sellers, especially other artists as I know it means the world when people support your work. Katie's shop is brilliant and chokka with all sorts of gift ware - you're bound to find something for everyone here! I'll definitely be keeping her in mind for Christmas...

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Ellis you bought something with a unicorn on!! How totally out of character hehe! I absolutely love the 'check out my whiskers' magnet, that's so adorable and very punny! I have never heard of Katie's shop before but I definitely need to check it out! Thanks for sharing your goodies with us!

    Abbey 😘 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    1. I don't know what you're talking about haha :') x x


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