May Favourites 2017

These monthly favourites soon come around again don't they?! I've been loving plenty of new things this month so I won't keep you, let's get stuck in!

Unicorn iPhone Case - eBay
Last month, it was time for an upgrade and whilst there was nothing wrong with my old iPhone, it was cheaper to get a new phone (or I could have got a sim only deal but I was being weak and gave into the rose gold…let's be honest here) so I also treated myself to a new phone case to liven things up a bit. I loved this as soon as it arrived and it's so lovely to hold. You get that with phone cases don't you? Some are a pleasure to hang onto and others just don't feel 'comfy' in your hand. This one is super smooth and the design isn't scratching off or chipping, plus it showcases the wonderful rose gold underneath. 

Apple iPhone 6S Unicorn, Unicorn phone case

Nail Varnish
I've been painting my nails again, it's official and boy have I missed it. I stopped because I was getting pompholyx on my fingertips and my cuticles literally died (this wasn't the result of anything beauty related) but I have loved getting really creative with my nails again and can't wait to start experimenting with colours, finishes and decor. This is a unicorn inspired design I threw together and I think it looks so cute and girly.

Unicorn nail art, Barry M, nail art

I've been loving this mask so much, I can't believe I've only recently discovered it. It's been raved about across social media for the past few weeks now and let me tell you, it's definitely as brilliant as the reviews are making out. It leaves your skin feeling so refreshed and smooth with a lovely healthy glow. It's not harsh in the slightest and I have that annoying sensitive skin type that can be fussy with these things. You get a lot of product in the jar and it goes even further if you apply it with a clean makeup brush. Such a huge fan of this and I really enjoy using it in the bath whilst having a proper soak and a pamper.

The Body Shop Face Mask, charcoal mask

Chocolate Raisins - Lidl 
These bad boys are so tasty and at 59p a bag, you can't go wrong! I chuck a couple of bags into my trolley every week at Lidl and they're a great little treat and dare I say it, semi healthy?

Chocolate Raisins

Patisserie De Bain Hand Cream - Cherry Pie
Oh my...if you love hand cream or better yet, if you love anything cherry scented then you MUST give this beauty a try. It's so nourishing and has saved me during the colder days when my hands have been cracked and sore. It's also gentle and as I suffer with eczema, I can report that this cream didn't make me itch at all and it leaves behind a wonderful, fruity, very sweet scent.

Patisserie De Bain Cherry Hand Cream, cherry cream

Ever since Matilda was put into the Netflix 'recently added' bar, I have been watching it non stop. It's such a great film and one for all of the family. When I was younger, I remember being obsessed with wanting to watch this movie but I didn't own it, so I guess I'm making up for it now! I was also a major bookworm and Roald Dahl was my most treasured author; I'd read his books from front to back several times a year and couldn't get enough. I still own the books from my childhood now so I grabbed my copy of Matilda to read once again and I've absolutely adored re-entering Roald Dahl's hilariously magical world.

Matilda, Roald Dahl

These leads have been a god send for my two and I can't imagine not using this kind of lead ever again. I bought one for Vespa when he first came home because letting him off is a bit risky in open spaces as he tends to bolt if he gets frightened of something, but then I realised how much he loved the freedom this new lead gave him so I got Custard one as well. Custard is the opposite of Vespa and such a free spirit, to the point where she will just get so lost in her own little world with all the great smells that are there to be sniffed, that she will occasionally just go for it, so the lead works a treat for her too. Custard is also a bugger for approaching literally anyone and anything and although she is super friendly and harmless, you can't always assume the receiving end is going to want a random dog approaching them, so giving my guys an extendable lead allows them to wonder away without the risk of loosing them or getting told off.

Flexi Leads, Dog Blog, dog lead

Thanks for reading!


  1. Your nails look so cute! I bite my nails but I am currently really trying to grow them and I wish they could look like yours. The Body Shop face masks are such good products - I especially love the Seaweed range too as that helps my oily skin :)

  2. I love your nails so much!!!!! That phone case is so cute, very you! I was so happy to see that Matilda was on Netflix l, such a good film!
    Hels xx


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