New Advertising Packages

Hello everyone, hope you're all well?

Recently I've been thinking a lot about avertising packages and thought I would open up the opportunity to advertise your blog or Etsy shop right here. If you're a regular on my blog *welcome back* you'll know I'm a huge lover and supporter of Etsy shops and I thought this would also be a great chance to help people get seen more and promote their wares, as well as help other bloggers gain some well earned exposure.

I currently have three packages available and they are the Bubblegum, Pastel and Glitter. I've seen people affectionately name their packages (well that sounds wrong doesn't it?!) and I thought I'd keep mine within my top three most loved things.

You can find more information on the packages here and this also means I'll be starting a new series of posts each month, telling you all about my advertisers and where you can find them.

Thanks for reading!

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