Summer Wish List

I've been seeing a lot of beautiful products around recently and thought I'd day dream a little longer by throwing them all into a mood board and starting a wish list series.

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1. Bee Watch - Olivia Burton
I first spotted this watch in a jewellery shop at the Highcross in Leicester and completely fell in love with the Olivia Burton range. It's a very dainty, feminine and incredibly beautiful brand that I find impossible to not think about on a daily basis...literally. The watch in particular I think is so so pretty and one day, I hope I manage to get my hands on my very own.

2. Bubble Tea Bath Pearls
Bubble Tea fascinates me and I think it's so cute and fun. I spotted these on the Superdrug website (which may as well be my second home as I practically live there) and thought I'd add them to my wish list to try in the future. I'm majorly into my bubble baths right now and have been since moving into our new house that actually has a bath tub. Perhaps it's because Flat 4 didn't have a bath and I've been making up for it but I bet these little beauties would be so fun to use and I imagine them to smell amazing too.

3. Piping Nozzles - eBay
So I've been getting into baking again recently and I've always wanted to be able to pipe pretty roses and other designs onto my cupcakes and have failed miserably every time. I've tried so many techniques but it's always been with the crappy piping kits you get at the supermarket and not professional decorating tips. Believe it or not, you get such a different effect and the quality of your work is improved significantly when using the real deal as opposed to the stumpy little plastic things you get in the shops so I'd like to treat myself to some of these bad boys and see what I can get out of them. The tips are a lot more precise and the edges are sharper so I'd imagine them to make more of a definite shape rather than just a blob on a bit of sponge. Here's hoping!

4. Crossbones Ring - Bloody Mary Metal
It's no secret here that I'm a huge fan of Bloody Mary Metal and I've had my eye on this finger candy for a while now. I absolutely love it and think it looks so pirate-y and bad ass. I adore rings and my collection is slowly but surely growing, plus all Bloody Mary Metal jewellery is handmade to order right here in the UK which makes it that extra bit special.

5. Jewellery Box - Paperchase
I saw this whilst wandering around the Highcross yet again and thought it was so perfect that i just had to capture it here and share it with you all. It's labelled as a jewellery box but it's a trinket box big enough to house other things in such as eye shadows, hair accessories or even sweets Alice in Wonderland style! It's an absolute must have for any unicorn lover and I think it would look so beautiful on a dressing table or windowsill.

6. Doghouse Bag - Irregular Choice
Behold, the bag of dreams that is the 'Doghouse' by Irregular Choice and this my friends is what dreams are made of. Not to everyone's taste, but this bag is the very essence of me and I would love nothing more than to prance around with this on my arm. I'll be saving up for a million years mind, (joking, it's not exactly Mulberry money) but still, at £99 it's not your everyday purchase but I bet it's worth every penny. The detailing Irregular Choice products have on them is simply breathtaking and I bet it's such a delight unboxing anything they make. So beautiful, so perfect.

7. Lima Llama Cases - Sass and Belle
Alas, llamas are becoming the next unicorn and this makes me very happy indeed. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about all this unicorn and llama malark because I felt like I loved both of these before it was cool and now literally everywhere is raving about these two amazing creatures. The bright side is, so many wonderful products are being released left, right and centre which means there is plenty of eye candy out there but it also means I'll never have any money because I'm spending it all on unicorns and llamas. Sass and Belle have recently released an entire range dedicated to llamas and I love these little suitcases so much. They'd be great for storing all of my crafty clobber or even stacking in the corner of our bedroom full of accessories or simply just looking awesome. Who knows.

So that was everything for my first wish list and I hope you enjoyed delving into my little world of 'oh my god that's so cute can't cope'. I'd love to keep doing these as they're super fun to make and it allows me to dribble over gorgeous products without breaking my bank account!

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  1. That watc looks really cool! Thanks for sharing these great picks

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


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