The Perfect Night In

I'm definitely a fan of nights in and much prefer them to going out. Sometimes I like to make a night in that bit more exciting and have a few things lined up and this usually happens at the end of my 6 day week stint at work when I can fully unwind and relax in my own home. James and I don't really go out much at all so of course, more often than not he joins in on the fun and luckily he loves a night in just as much as I do.

I tend to save my bath bombs these days for such nights and I think this makes them even more special, when you know it's a real treat to look forward to. One of my favourite bath bombs is from Lush and it's called Twilight. It's so pretty and turns into a wonderful swirling mix of pinks and purples, obviously with a hint of glitter! I'm also lucky in the sense that my husband enjoys a bath bomb too so we often share a bath. Some people aren't into that but it's something we've always done and we both get to experience the bath bombs whilst having a good old soak together. Bath time tends to be where most of our really deep conversations go on where we put the world to rights or talk about space and it's something I really enjoy doing.

I love to grab a huge bar of Dairy Milk and whilst I have never even reached half way through a bar over one evening, it's good to have the option there is it not? One of my favourites is the Crunchie Dairy Milk or even the Oreo Big Taste. If you've not tried it, I highly recommend. Speaking of food, my usual go to dinner for treat night is a pizza! You don't have to get a takeaway pizza for it to be shit hot either; one of my favourite store bought pizzas is the 'take away' stuffed crust by Chicago Town. We have an awesome little pizzeria in our local town which is usually where we go for an extra special treat and it's no where near as expensive as Dominos. I think a take away is up there with popular choices for nights in with the family…can I just say I'm gutted we're not near a Wagamamas.

Of course, a night in isn't complete without a chill out activity and we like to play games like cards, board games or the one where one person does a scribble and the other has to turn it into an illustration. I absolutely love winding down and really appreciating my surroundings on nights like this but I also think it's important not to do everything too often otherwise it wouldn't seem as special. What makes it even better is when the dogs decide to join in and we all end up cuddled together in front of Supernatural or The Inbetweeners. Disney nights are for those extra fun evenings and whilst I can watch Disney at any point of any day, when James is in the mood for a Disney too, we both get so excited! 

For us, it's really important that we spend time interacting together and I'm sure you know what I mean when I say it's far too easy to get glued to your phone or a shit soap and not appreciate real life. Here is a Woolley household secret; we don't have a TV license. We NEVER watch TV. Ever. We use our TV for the Playstation and movies and haven't watched any actual TV for at least three years now. We do however love watching documentaries on Netflix or YouTube and I have no shame in admitting I love a bit of How It's Made. Then of course we have the pooches who love a quick stroll around the park before bedtime and having a little meander around when it's quiet in the evenings is so relaxing and a great way to practice mindfulness, being there in the moment enjoying life. Keep your loved ones close and spend some quality time together.

Let me know in the comments - are you a night in or a night out kinda person?

Thanks for reading!

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