Top 5 Rides at Disneyland Paris

At least three times a year I get a massive urge to start looking into going to Disneyland Paris and how I could go about persuading James to go back with me. Disneyland Paris has a major sentimental value to me as I have such great memories from when my parents took my brother and I when we were little. These memories are even more special now since my parents aren't together and remembering the good times we had as a family are very important to me. I thought I would round up my top 5 rides to go on whilst at Disneyland just so I can daydream a little longer about the magical world of Disney.

Phantom Manor
This is the haunted house at Disneyland Paris and whilst it's not the most exciting ride in the world and is seriously old now, it was my favourite ride as a child. Everything from the queue outside amongst the creepy garden to the crazy illusion within the lift as you enter the ride makes me so giddy. I'm a huge sucker for anything spooky and I was lucky enough to experience Disneyland in 2014 during Halloween and it was AMAZING! The house is also part of the story surrounding Thunder Mesa which is the fictional mining town of Frontierland. If you've never looked into it, it's worth a read!

Phantom Manor, Disneyland Paris, Haunted House

Big Thunder Mountain
Again this is one of the rides which holds a huge amount of sentimental value for me as this is the one ride that my entire family absolutely adored when we visited back in the 90's. I remember we got onto the Thunder Mountain ride one evening and it was the last ride of the broke down in one of the tunnels and as a little apology, the operators sent us around a couple more times which was so bloody exciting and the best thing ever no matter what age you are! Queuing is a nightmare for this ride as it seems to never end, especially on a busy day but there is plenty of decor to look at and some pretty decent views of the rest of the park. It's literally just a run away train but my god it's a good one!

Disneyland Paris, Big Thunder Mountain

Pirates of the Caribbean 
James can't understand why this ride is one of my favourites and to be honest, the biggest reason is quite frankly ridiculous. It's the smell. This ride has a certain smell that makes me feel like I'm actually walking around Tortuga and it takes me back to being a child, feeling the excitement. I also love the 'big' drops around various parts of the circuit and how you get a little bit splashed! The general atmosphere of the ride is so much fun and you get to see so many different pirates dancing around, swinging from buildings and singing their heads off, all drinking rum of course. For those of you who haven't been on, it's a steady water ride with the occasional flume style slide. It's very visual and an absolute must for any pirate lover.

Pirate of the Caribbean, Disneyland Paris, Disneyland Ride,

This is one of the newer rides based in the Walt Disney Studios park and I went on it for the first time in 2014. It's trackless but you still sit in a little ratty shaped cart that takes you around various rooms that make you feel like you're a tiny little rat, scurrying between table legs and avoiding being trodden on. The rooms have different smells to them as well so it's a very 4D style experience…the kitchen smells like fresh baking! It's very relaxed and great for all ages, the only downside is the queues were enormous due to it's popularity but I guess that goes to show how awesome it is!

Space Mountain
I remember when my parents took us to Disneyland when I was little, my brother and I were too small for Space Mountain and my parents went on without us haha! One waited at the entrance with us whilst the other sprinted round which is pretty damn cute looking back. They did the same for the Indiana Jones ride which I remember being my Mum's favourite. So when I went back to Disneyland in 2014, this was one of the first rides I went on. It's pitch black atmosphere and glowing planets is such an exciting experience and the entire queue leading up to the ride itself certainly puts you into a great spacey mood! I also love the first bit of the ride where it shoots you up the tunnel which you can see to the right of the photo below which truly makes you feel like you're being flung into outer space.

Spain Mountain, Disneyland Paris, Star War, Star Wars ride,

Those were some tough choices and although I love everything at Disneyland, these are the attractions that stand out to me the most. I'd love a trip to Disneyland Paris right now, it's literally the happiest I've ever been on holiday and the atmosphere is so magical. The convenience of staying in one of the Disney hotels is both fun and exciting and although I've yet to stay in the big posh Disneyland Hotel, I have high hopes that one day I'll go with my own little family.

Thanks for reading!

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