Why I'm A Hufflepuff

There is nothing I love more than a Harry Potter marathon. Being the exact same age as Harry and his friends were in the stories and growing up with them was and still is such a wonderful experience and they are without a doubt my favourite films. Like any Harry Potter fan, your first instinct is to want to be a Gryffindor and be in the same house as Harry himself and for that, I couldn't bring myself to take the Pottermore sorting test when it first came out. I did however, literally only last year and I came out as a Hufflepuff. At first I was embarrassed and felt awkward - I knew absolutely nothing about this house! And for those of you who are sat there thinking 'c'mon, it's just an online test', the sorting ceremony is a huge deal for any Harry Potter lover.

Over time, I have come to learn why I was placed in Hufflepuff and it no longer surprises me. Fair play, loyalty, hard working and patience to name a few are apparently some of a Hufflepuff's most typical traits. We're also creative and impartial, willing to give anyone a fair chance and believing in equality. I'm also the least competitive person you'll ever meet, always being one of those 'it's the taking part that counts!' kind of individuals.

I've grown to adore my Hogwarts house and can't think of any other that I'd be better suited to. I don't feel that Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw get enough exposure throughout the films or the books though. Granted Ravenclaw has a big part at the end what with locating and destroying the lost diadem and Hufflepuff had it's moment in the Triwizard Tournament with Cedric Diggory, but seeing a little more involvement from both houses would have been awesome. On that note, it's also a shame that merchandise more often than not doesn't expand to cover all four Hogwarts houses - Primark this is mainly directed at you! I've been in a few times and inspected the Harry Potter merch and it's limited to Gryffindor and Slytherin. What is a Hufflepuff to do?!

Let me know in the comments which house you're in if you've been sorted and if not, which do you think you'd be put in and why?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I've never been sorted into a Hogwarts house but I'm really intrigued as to where I would end up now! With the Hufflepuff qualities you've described, I think the house is a great fit for you as well - especially with the creativity and impartiality parts! Primark definitely need to expand their house merch range!

    Abbey 😘 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    1. I'd love to know what you'd come out as! I've been trying to get everyone I know to do the sorting haha :) so much fun! x x

  2. This is such a great post! I haven't been sorted but this post has made me want to get it done heehee!


  3. Can we have a HP marathon one day? I was sorted into Ravenclaw which I was happy with, and I agree, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff don't get enough coverage!
    Hels xx

    1. I'd definitely be up for that! Any excuse for a HP marathon & I'm there :D x x


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