6 Blogs I Can't Live Without

I've been visiting a lot of other blogs recently and feel a certain determination to support other creators. It didn't take me long to realise there were some regular pitstops for me and I thought I would share with you the six blogs I feel I couldn't live without. In no particular order, let me introduce you to these beautiful ladies...

1. Dizzy Brunette
I haven't been reading Corrie's blog for very long, but for me it's on of the most inspiring places on the internet to visit. Her blog is ridiculously beautiful and is crammed full of lifestyle, beauty and fashion posts along with blogger tips and tricks. I'm also addicted to Corrie's YouTube channel and must have watched her Disneyland vlogs 10 times now...not even sorry!

2. The Hels Project
Helen is one of the sweetest girls I have met through blogging and one of the most supportive too! She has the most beautiful little boy with her fiance and I had never in my life really enjoyed baby posts until I started reading hers. Helen also writes a lot of lifestyle content and her blog is bursting with pastel colours and energy.

3. Abbey Louisa Rose
This lady deserves all of the followers in the world and I can't thank her enough for all of the support she has given me with my blog and Etsy shop. What I really love about Abbey's blog is she shares helpful tips around university and history as well as lifestyle, fashion and blogging help for others so there really is a good mix of content and it's refreshing to read some history related posts every now and then.

4. Vix Meldrew 
The Queen of sass and the place to go when you're feeling down in the dumps about being a female or just need to feel like you're having a good old rant with a really good pal. That's what I like about Vix's blog - it really hits home and you feel so involved with her writing. If you're wanting advice on dating, sex, self love and all that other good stuff, this is the place to go!

5. Em Talks
Thanks to Em, I have finally found a motivation for exercise. Not gonna lie, I'm so lazy when it comes to working out but reading Em's blog gives me a really good kick and I feel good about myself after a visit. For years I've had body image issues and it's only recently I've wanted to gain strength and get fit over loose weight. Em is such a fantastic role model for this and is so positive and encouraging, I'm so thankful to have found her.

6. Cattitude & Co
Tara's blog is full of sass and it's all so REAL. This is the place to go for everything feminism and is another regular for me when I want to read seriously honest content, a lot of the time stuff that many bloggers feel too scared to publish. I also started getting periods again in January after three longs years on a different contraceptive pill and it's thanks to Tara that I've felt more comfortable than ever with my body and I've even switched to using a Moon Cup and Cloth Pads - better for your body, better for the environment!

All of these wonderful girls inspire me to be better each day and what I especially love is each of them have something completely different to offer. I'm a regular visitor to all of them and I'm constantly on the look out for more awesome bloggers so please feel free to tag your faves below so I can check them out!

Thanks for reading,


  1. Thank you so much for including me, Ellis! It makes me really happy to know that my blog is an enjoyable read! I'm also with you on Hels' blog, she's a total star!

    Abbey 💗 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    1. Oh you guys are the absolute best!!

    2. Thankyou for inspiring me <3

  2. Thank you so much!! It's amazing to be included, I'm also glad I've made baby posts enjoyable - I always worry they get boring! Totally agree about Abbey's blog, it's such a happy place! And I always feel SO energised after visiting Em Talks!
    Hels xx

    1. I don't think I could ever get bored of your blog! :) x x


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