Clubbercise - My First Experience

In a bid to be fitter and not just healthier, I joined an exercise class. This let me tell you, is unheard of and I have never in my life been to any form of exercise class before this. I wanted to try and prove myself wrong and challenge myself, so when my friend Emily told me she attended one every other week, I asked if I could join her. For those of you who haven't got a clue what Clubbercise is, it's literally a dance based form of exercise with club music. You get some glow sticks, the lights go down and you just strobe the evening away.

What I really enjoyed about this class was it was really fun and interactive; the instructors were on a stage in front of us and I couldn't fault their enthusiasm. The music was loud and the instructors wore microphones so you could hear them and when I say loud, it felt like you were literally in a club. There were disco balls, flashing lights, the main lights themselves went out and you're left in a fairly dark environment, making the most out of those glow sticks and raving the night away. They played a variety of music but all of it was upbeat and really encouraged those movements which were very 'aerobics' and involved every part of your body.

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At the end, they put on a slower song…I believe it was Love On Top by Beyonce but it was much more relaxed, still moving but a perfect opportunity to stretch off all of those muscles so it didn't have such a painful impact the following day. I got home, sweating my absolute tits off and I have never in my life been that sweaty before. I mean dripping. But it didn't feel so much like 'exercise' as it was super fun and dance based. It only cost £5 for the session and an extra £3.50 for the glow sticks but since these are reusable battery powered ones, I won't have to pay for these again next time.

I loved it that much, I've booked in for another session next week and this time my Mum is coming along with us. I'd highly recommend Clubbercise if you can get to something like this in your area if you're wanting to try and get fit and healthy. A huge plus if you're like me is because it's in the dark, it helps so much for people who feel self conscious about exercising in front of other people. This is the main reason I won't join a gym so Clubbercise is a great alternative, especially for those of us who get nervous in public. I can't wait to go again!

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  1. Oooo! This actually sounds like so much fun and is right up my street! I love dancing to my favourite tunes in my bathroom whilst I clean. :P

    I think I may have to go and research this and see if they're doing it in my area! :D

    1. I highly recommend! I went again last night and it was so much fun :D x x

  2. Where did you join clubbercise? Sounds like a lot of fun

    Charlotte |

    1. I joined the Melton Mowbray one :) x x


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