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We've all had it thrust in our faces how important breakfasts are haven't we? First meal of the day = fuel to kickstart your mind and body ready for whatever is thrown at you, yet a lot of us skip breakfast altogether. I am especially guilty of thinking a coffee is an actual breakfast and only when I say it out loud to myself do I register that coffee is not a substantial item to keep me going. Is this because we go into auto-pilot in the morning and will do literally the laziest, most convenient thing to stop us from having to get out of bed 15 minutes earlier or process actual information before 9am? I'm not a morning person at all so some days I don't even feel like eating that early and wait a couple of hours before making myself some actual food but in a bid to be a bit healthier, I've thrown together some of my favourite quick and easy breakfasts and some tips for those of you who may be on a food budget. It doesn't have to cost much to be healthy and this first one has plenty of options available to tailor to your favourite tastes.

Overnight Oats
I've seen this raved about method literally everywhere recently and I'm rubbish at jumping on any kind of band wagon so naturally, I've only just given them a go. All you do is soak your oats in either milk, a milk alternative or yoghurt along with your favourite fruits, berries, seeds or something like honey. Pop it into the fridge overnight and just grab it in the morning, ready made and no prep time needed during the mad rush. Oats are really cheap and if you can, buy the biggest bag. We get ours from Tesco usually and it costs £1.79 for a 2k bag. Frozen fruit also tends to be a bit cheaper, especially the berries and this also means you won't be wasting any. The amount of gone off fruit we've thrown away in the past is unreal and makes me feel so guilty.

overnight oats

This one is super healthy and they're cheap too. Not only that, they come in a few different varieties which is great for those of you who may not be 100% keen on the bitter taste. They're not all like that! The only downside to grapefruit is I can't seem to eat one without it squitting me in the eye but overall they seem to give me lots of energy and they're guilt free. Some people like to sprinkle sugar over theirs to cancel out some of the sourness but it's much healthier if you have them as they are. So refreshing and perfect for the summer months!


Branflakes with Sultanas
Of course you can buy Sultana Bran but I find that this is a little more expensive plus it can be quite stingey when it comes to the fruit. I like plenty of sultanas in my Bran Flakes so what do I do? I buy the supermarket own cereal and a huge bag of value sultanas and chuck an absolute handful on top. This way you're in complete control of how much fruit you're adding to your cereal and you're not being mugged off with pathetic little morsels here and there. Don't muck about - whack em in! If you haven't tried Bran Flakes with sultanas you're seriously missing out, plus you can add things like banana flakes and extra seeds/fruit if you fancy it. Bran Flakes are a brilliant source of fiber and also a good option for weight loss as they fill you up without having to eat a mountain of them.

bran flakes, sultana bran,

Let me know in the comments what your favourite breakfast is, healthy or not I want to hear about it! I'm also quite partial to a chocolate croissant but they're for those treat days...I'll keep telling myself that...

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  1. I love overnight oats! Trouble is its always just as I get into bed that I remember that I havent made them up! lol


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