June Favourites 2017

These months are coming and going rather quickly right now are they not? June was quite an exciting month for me and as usual I collected together some of my favourite points to share with you all.

Self Employment
It feels like it's been much longer but June has been my first full month of self employment. It's a lot of hard work but work I enjoy doing more than anything else in this world. I still have no money, as most of anything I make goes back into my little business so I can continue to bring out new things and I even forked out on a new website which you can check out here, but you know what? Money isn't everything and I feel so much healthier being away from the old toxic workplace I used to spend 6 days a week at. I have lots of exciting projects planned including mugs which is all going on behind the scenes, plus if you'd like to see anymore posts relating to running an online shop, do leave a comment with your thoughts. Please feel free to share my shop on social media, any help is appreciated more than you could ever know!

Chip Mug - Primark
My beyond awesome friend Vik managed to swipe us a Chip mug each from the mighty Primark earlier this month and I couldn't believe it when she leapt out of her car brandishing this in her hand squealing 'look what I've got for you!'. It was such a cute gesture as she knew I'd been on a Chip mug mission since I heard they were available in Primark and this little guy now sits on one of my high shelves in my office where he can't get damaged. I absolutely adore him!

chip mug, primark, disney mug

Vegan Truffles - Tesco
I've seen these occasionally in the vegan world, most likely on Kiera Rose's YouTube Channel and I wanted to give them a try for myself. They lasted me over two weeks which is crazy for me since I'm a huge chocolate lover but they were very rich and creamy that I found just one every now and then curbed my cravings. They're £2 a box from Tesco and I'll definitely be picking up another when it's time for a treat! 

vegan chocolate, vegan truffles, tesco vegan chocolate

Jake Munro - YouTube
This guy deserves way more subscribers so if you haven't already found his channel, do check him out because he makes his own music and films in such a unique way...usually whilst riding an electronic skateboard! I've become so addicted to Jake's channel and even more so when his stunning girlfriend Kaya is involved. They mostly explore the city of Belfast, visit friends, go on picnics, all sorts of activities but Jake films and edits so beautifully. Also, I could listen to their accents all day long.

A New Lifestyle
June was the month we decided to finally go vegan, after months of me putting it off claiming I wouldn't be able to cope without eggs. We were already on alternatives to cows milk and have been for around two years, but now we're using up everything non vegan in our house and everything we buy from now on will be vegan. We're bound to make mistakes so please bare with me whilst I find my bearings in this whole new world but even whilst writing this, it's been under two weeks since I cut out dairy and eggs and I already feel different in myself. I'm making more of an effort to prep meals and involve more veg, snack on fruit instead of crisps, cake and chocolate and I'm making it my goal to do at least 10 minutes of exercise everyday. It doesn't sound like a lot but 10 minutes of skipping really does your legs in, especially followed by running up and down the stairs a few times! I've lost nearly half a stone already which I've been wanting to do for ages and although the food side of things is a struggle for me as I'm not very good with being brave and trying new things, I'm hopeful that I'll get into it and things will settle down.

buddha bowl, vegan food, vegan meal, healthy meal, salad

Moon Cup
During June, the UK experienced some rather warm weather and I believe we reached highs of 32 degrees in the Midlands. It was also typical of my body to decide it was time to menstruate over that scorching week and it was absolute torture, not gonna lie. I was sweating in places I didn't know could sweat and I was in an unbelievably foul mood. At night, my hay fever played up very badly but what made everything a lot more bearable was my Moon Cup. I just popped it in, changed it twice a day which is standard for me and I was able to sleep in it, stark naked, sprawled out on top of the duvet and not have to worry about leakages or thick pads in such warm weather. I love this little thing more than ever now and don't know how I ever coped without it.

Mooncup, menstrual cup,

I'm really enjoying focussing more on lifestyle content as well; earlier today I was re-reading some older posts and realised I wrote an awful lot of reviews and that was it. I do love a good old review every now and then but what I love even more is documenting life and sharing more around that so I hope this is okay with you guys too :) lifestyle posts are some of my favourite to read from other bloggers as well so please feel free to leave links to your posts below so I can have a ganders!

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  1. Those vegan truffles look amazing! Your new store looks amazing and I'm so proud of you for going self-employed :) the Chip mug is absolutely adorable too :)
    Hels xx

    1. Thankyou so much - that really means a lot! x x


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