June Wishlist

I have found wishlists to be extremely helpful when it comes to curbing the urge to go on a big spending spree. After all, collecting pretty pictures and writing about them is quite fun and I've also found a huge love for making these mood boards. Here are a few beauties I've been lusting after this month!

1. Vegan Protein Shake - Cute Nutrition
I've wanted to try this shake for a while now and I'm just waiting to use up all of my current shake before I buy a tub, but one of the biggest reasons I'd like to give this a go is because Cute Nutrition have a vegan shake available as well as their regular ones. I'm not a vegan yet, but I'm trying to convert myself and trying to switch as much as I can food wise to animal free. It's a little more expensive than the standard shakes from Cute Nutrition but I'm willing to give it a go and will at some point, be grabbing myself a tub!

2. Unicorn Necklace - Paperchase
How pretty is this necklace? I spotted it on the Paperchase website and for obvious reasons, I'm now in love with it. The fact the pendant is made of porcelain makes it even more adorable...so cute and dainty!

3. Bath Bomb - Bomb Cosmetics
This little delight is just one of many products I'm dying to try from Bomb Cosmetics for many reasons. The main one being their bath bombs are so beautiful to look at and they're quite a big cheaper than bath bombs from Lush. The bombs are a tad smaller than ones from Lush but the stunning decorating more than makes up for it and I'm going to bear these guys in mind for Christmas prezzies too!

4. Wallet - Disaster Designs
It is rather unfortunate that the zip inside of my current purse has broken and it's the compartment that holds coins so it's not ideal that right now they just fly around all over the place. In typical female style though, I already have my eye on a new one and I'm waiting to treat myself. I have a bag from Disaster Designs which is one of my absolute favourites and their products never fail to make me smile. 

5. Tanning Lotion - Superdrug
I've heard a lot about this tan from other bloggers and have been thinking of trying it out for myself. The only reason I haven't bought any is because I already have two bottles of another brands gradual tan which I have made my mission to use up a long with a load of other products that have accumulated in my house over the past few years. If I haven't by the end of summer, then I really hope Superdrug are still selling this next year so I can finally test it out.

6. Leggings - Pink Soda
I'm a huge fan of Pink Soda after discovering their brand in Ireland last year. They sell it over here too in JD Sports store and I'd really like to get my hands on some more of their gear. I have found them to be very comfy and size I've started to exercise more, gym clothes are something I look around for quite a bit.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. That bath bomb is completely adorable! I love Pink Soda stuff, I have some leggings that were meant to be for the gym but they're also great loungewear!
    Hels xx


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