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Since I left my 'real' job last month, I have been looking into ways of saving money and I've found it can encourage you to get a bit more creative with your ways of living. At first I thought, do I really want to be sharing money saving tips on my blog? But then I thought some may find it valuable and also, we work hard for the money we earn do we not? So why not save a few pennies for those well earned treats.

Halving Makeup Wipes
I use baby wipes to mop up the areas around my eyes when I wake up. No matter how much I try, after washing my makeup off the night before I always wake up in the morning with a bit of panda eye going on. I literally tear my baby wipes in half…no need to get the scissors out and they therefore last so much longer. I find baby wipes to be much gentler on my skin and you get double the amount in a pack than you would 'proper' makeup wipes.

The One Teabag Between Two
This sounds totally gross but I assure you it's not. I've taken to using one teabag for making two cups of tea. I wouldn't do this for anymore than two mugs full because I don't think you'd get a decent drink out of it, but for two mugs why not? I have a nifty little tool that I got with some tea for Christmas that means you can pick the teabag out of the mug and pop it into another mug straight after. I only do this when I'm making James & I a hot drink…I wouldn't save my teabags for later as I think this is a little bit minging but using one bag at the same time means your teabags go further and you don't have to buy them as often.

Stocking Up
I'm not gonna lie, I love Superdrug. It's my go to place for literally everything cosmetic and I find they have cheaper products plus their own range is cruelty free. Online, Superdrug always have loads more deals in their 'Star Buys' section and the other day I grabbed four bottles of hand soap for 50p each…bloody bargain! I'd recommend always checking out this section of Superdrug which is usually on the sites homepage, as you never know what treats they might have to offer at a fraction of the usual price.

Switch to Lidl or Aldi
In the Woolley household, we're massive lovers of Lidl and we're lucky enough to have one in our town. Better yet, they're currently building an Aldi too which we can't wait to explore and see what they have to offer. Some people are quite snobby when it comes to supermarkets but seriously, get down to either of these and I promise you'll find some amazing products. You can get things like soya milk for better than half the price of what you'd pay somewhere else and things like cheese, freezer food, toilet roll, crisps a bit cheaper than what you'd usually pay. It depends what it is you're buying, but we've noticed a significant saving since getting most of our shop from Lidl. It lacks in some veggie friendly products like sausages and bacon but we just nip elsewhere on our way home for the last few bits.

Solar Powered Lights & Candles
This one is best during the winter when you need lights on during the day, but we picked up some gorgeous indoor lantern style lights from Sainsbury's which come on in the evening for a good hour or two which gives us enough light. We're also massive fans of candles in our house and these certainly create a better atmosphere than switching on the electricity. Places like Wilkos and Ikea do really cheap candles and little tea lights so get creative and make a wonderful, cosy space to relax in. 

Get On Depop!
I feel like I was late to this party and have only recently been quite active on Depop, but since leaving my job I've been a lot more aware of when I'm buying things for the sake of it; stuff I don't need or will ever use. For example, I went to the Harry Potter studios a couple of years ago and bought a Pigmypuff because I didn't fancy anything else. True story. Said Pigmypuff has been sat in a drawer ever since, still with the tags on so he has gone onto Depop in the search of a new loving home. Sometimes we have things accumulate in our houses and it just becomes 'there'. Dedicate an afternoon to collecting stuff together, assessing whether they could make you some extra pennies and if not, charity shop. It's very healthy to have a clear out and if you can make a bit of money from it then that's even better.

What are your top money saving tip?

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  1. Poor Pygmypuff! But I totally know what you mean, I bought so much stuff at HP studios and its just sat in my drawers... (although I am convincing myself that Dougie will love HP so we can have duels with my six wands... yep, clear-out is needed.)
    I'm totally with you on baby wipes (we have 679453921 packs so it's super handy!) and such a good idea about the solar powered lights and candles, I've never thought of that!
    Hels xx

  2. Some great tips for saving money! I've found them super helpful and definitely plan to be more saving savvy!

    Chelsea |


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