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I keep seeing dogs with neckerchiefs on at the moment and me being me thought...wouldn't my two look flippin' awesome with a little bandana each? I started wondering around the internet and decided I would try my damned hardest to support an Etsy shop for what I wanted and I came across Nadia's shop, Moo Moo & Bear.

These two beautiful little numbers have a matching print and were an absolute steal at £4.50 each which I think is amazing for handmade gifts. The quality is very impressive and Nadia's sewing skills have blown me away - it's all so neat! Nadia also makes dicky bows and collars for your fur babies which are just as cute and I'm dying to treat Vespa in particular to a dicky bow for the festive season.
Here are Custard and Vespa each modelling their new accessories and I think they look the dogs pun intended!

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I'm not a huge fan of dogs in clothes but a little accessory around the collar like this I think looks very sweet and better yet, both my dogs seemed to think it was great! I did feel slightly anxious that they might try and get them off with it being a new strange object attached to them but surprisingly they were very comfortable with it and the small size was perfect for both of them. Postage was also very reasonable at £2.50 and I also believe that was signed for mail so my order was guaranteed to be delivered to me. There is a tiny wait because everything is made to order but I'm so impressed with Moo Moo & Bear that I'll most definitely be back for more doggy pressies at Christmas!

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  1. i just love etsy and your dog looks just adorable.

  2. Omg that is sooo cute. Haha.

  3. Oh my goodness these are adorable and your fur babies are even more adorable :) I think I am going to have to take a nosey as my baby Molly loves wearing anything I put her in :) the beauty and skill of these are so impressive. Love your post :) xx

    Rach |

  4. ...I'm one of those people who dresses their dog up...

    Omg look at how gorgeous your pups are! The neckerchiefs are SO cute!

    Hels xx


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