New Llama Talks Website!

This week I have been secretly working on something very exciting and that is the brand new website for my illustration shop, Llama Talks! Eventually, the time was going to come when I needed to branch out further and I'd always wanted my own online shop. One that looked professional and that I also had full control of, so I decided now was the time to evolve.

This is my brand new site for Llama Talks and I'm incredibly pleased with how it's turned out. It currently has most items on there already but I'll be using this upcoming week to add the rest of the bits (literally just a few more badges) and then have a good sort through of handmade cards which I still have and will probably add to the shop too at a discounted price.

One of the big reasons for finally taking a huge leap is between Etsy and Paypal, I was getting absolutely rinsed in terms of fees. If you're not familiar with selling using either of these platforms, they basically charge you for using them and the higher the amount of money they have to process for you, the more they take away and you're not left with a very nice amount. Since this is now my full time job, I felt I needed to be a lot more serious in terms of money and the last thing I wanted to do was up the prices of my items to make up for the loss because I didn't feel that was fair on my customers. Instead, I've set up this website where I'll only get charged a small amount by PayPal and not Etsy as well.

So what will happy to my Etsy shop?
My Etsy will remain open for now, at least until the end of the year if not forever because it's still a great platform and the beauty of Etsy is you get the traffic and people 'accidentally find' you, where as with an actual website, I'm reliant on marketing it myself properly which in Google SEO terms I'm very new to, but if any of you lot fancy giving my new website a share to help me out, that would be very much appreciated! All of my links have been changed on my blog to now take you there rather than Etsy. But back to Etsy, each item gets listed for 4 months and every 4 months you pay a listing fee whether that item sells or not - you have to pay it. Then if the item does sell, Etsy then take another cut from the money you make from it. What I'm going to do is let all of the listings gradually expire but renew the best sellers and keep a small collection available to buy.

I'm very, very excited about this whole new adventure and as scary as it is, finally having an online shop that I managed to build myself is such an achievement! It feels a lot more organised than Etsy ever did; there are still different sections to the website to categorise things and also a juicy sale page to grab some bargains, but we now have an 'about' page, a custom orders page and lots more.  Another huge bonus is I've added lots more delivery options, so postage costs now start as low as £1.95! There's still a lot of room for improvement like there naturally is with new things, but I'm very excited to learn more about it all and I hope you'll watch it develop with me.

Once again, a HUGE thankyou to any of you who have supported my work in any way no matter how small over the past couple of years. Even a retweet on Twitter I'm so grateful for and it all helps to getting seen. Please bare me in mind for Christmas too...I'll be bringing out Christmas cards and other cute bits nearer the time but now this is a full time thing, I can dedicate my time to working on lots of new projects.

Seriously - a MASSIVE thankyou,


  1. So proud of you, it looks absolutely amazing! Can't wait to see it filling up with more gorgeous products!
    Hels xx

    1. Thankyou sweet! I've been adding more over the past couple of days...just need to work out Google SEO! D: x x

  2. It looks fabulous! I gave up on Etsy a few years ago and swapped to my own shop. Yes it's very hard work, but I like that any changes made to it are MY changes, not some arbitrary decision by Etsy to make things "better" for a group of people even though it makes things worse for others. Also I have a blog section on mine so I didn't have to keep a separate blog and hope people "might" find the link to my shop on it, it's all integrated!

    Good luck!

    1. I'd love to see your shop, do you have a link? Etsy is still a brilliant place to get seen but I totally agree with what you're saying, they keep changing things which have such a negative, difficult impact on a lot of people :( x

  3. Congrats on your amazing success!

    xx Kris


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