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Wandering around the huge Superdrug in Fosse Park, I squealed with delight when I came across these new products from the Superdrug's own range of hair care and colour. Instantly I was impressed by the variety of colours available, it's packaging, the price, everything. It was all hunky dory so I decided I'd grab myself a set to try at home. Being a regular for home dying, I feel I have lots of experience with both bleach and mixing semi permanent pastel colours so I thought this was going to be a right breeze.

My first impressions when I got home were that both the products smelt amazing. I got the colour in the shade Violet and the 'Chalk Finish' which I've worked out is literally just a conditioner used to dilute the dye to the desired shade. Both of them smelt fantastic and I went ahead and mixed them together in a dye dish with a dye brush that I already had at home. They mixed really well and I think I must have used two thirds of the dye with half a bottle of the chalk finish to cover my entire head of hair. The packaging recommends you leave the product on your hair for 10-30 minutes so I left it the full load because I wanted to see how well it would take to my hair. It was easy to wash out and left my hair feeling really silky as I rinsed it through and all was well. 

Then I got out the shower and was so disappointed to see that the colour hadn't worked in the slightest. It didn't colour my hair, just made it look dirty and it stained my scalp in various places instead. I was a bit peeved since I'd spent a good hour applying the dye then leaving it for a further 30 minutes and still nothing, but I got over it pretty quickly and hey, at least my hair smelt great?

Wrong. I went to sleep that night and my hair was near enough dry (I avoid blowdrying where I can) and I woke up the next morning to my hair literally sticking to my pillow. I have never in my whole life experienced greasy hair like this from using a hair product and it made me revise what I had done the night before. Had I washed it out properly? Had I followed all of the instructions? Yes and yes. I dragged my sorry ass into the shower straight away for a proper wash, giving the bottle of 'Chalk Finish' that was still on the side of the bath a dirty look.

My hair from my roots down is a very light blonde and from experience with other semi permanent pastel colours, it should have taken to my hair even just a tiny bit. It looks a lot darker in the photos simply because my hair was that greasy. It didn't cost the Earth and I remember it being on offer, but you can definitely get brands like Directions for much cheaper and you get a much better quality finish. 

Overall, I'm so disappointed in this product and won't be repurchasing. It can sometimes seem really mean slating a product but if it doesn't work, it doesn't work and I would much rather be honest with my readers than let you go ahead and waste your money. It was fun to try out and both the products smelt fantastic, it's just a shame they didn't perform quite as well.

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  1. Oh dear not a good experience for you. I dye my hair at home. Mostly because of the astronomical prices at hairdressers! You would be hard pressed to get change for £90 round here! The trials we girls have to go through!!!


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