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When I was just 7 years old, I told my parents I was going vegetarian.  To cut a long one short, I saw Gordon Ramsay on TV slaughter a turkey that he was teaching his kids to raise and then kill for meat. I was devastated. I can't remember how or why I was watching it at such a young age, but it has stuck with me and I haven't touched a single piece of meat ever since. Family and friends have waved bits of meat in my face in the past or laughed at my reasoning behind being a vegetarian and it never really phased me. All I did was ask for them to become a bit more mindful of what they were consuming and respect my choices. Now age 25, I've been becoming increasingly aware of things like the dairy and egg industry and have been trying to convert myself further, to no longer consume anything made using animals.

James and I went to Tesco last week for our shopping and usually we go to Lidl. The traffic in town was horrendous due to a bike race and shut roads so we took a U-turn and made our way home, stopping in at Tesco as we went. I'd never really acknowledged before just how much Tesco as a supermarket have to offer for vegan customers and it wasn't until that day that I fully explored each section of food. For at least a year now, we haven't bought cows milk. Instead, we've tried things like soya, rice, hemp, oat and almond milk as an alternative and whilst they take some getting used to, they're cruelty and guilt free.

vegan food tesco vegan life

This is the range of food we managed to get within our weekly shop and we were beyond impressed with the variety of products available at Tesco. There were cheesecakes, chocolate, cookies, pasta sauce, curry sauce, garlic bread, standard bread, cheese, butter and so much more to choose from. We got a bit of everything to try and so far, you wouldn't know the difference from the 'real' thing. Our local store had a decent sized section in each isle dedicated to vegan and gluten free products so everything was easy enough to find and I'm sure there are still things there waiting to be discovered. I really hope Tesco and the other supermarkets continue with this awesome work and more people at least give these products a try.

The older I get, without a shadow of a doubt I gain more respect for animals of all shapes and sizes. I can't bare to see someone squish a spider or suck it up the hoover, even wasps have their own right to live and if we leave them alone, chances are they leave us alone too. Having just left a job working with dogs, I was sick to death of hearing from colleagues that they were animal lovers yet they gorged on a huge ham sandwich at break time. I had to bite my tongue because something I just cannot seem to understand is how people can claim to love animals yet they eat them without a second thought or any shits given. They were who I considered to be 'domesticated animal lovers'. There was even a girl who one lunch time over a buffet of food was making a huge fuss over whether any pork was present within the snacks and when I asked what her reasoning behind this was, she said 'oh I just love pigs that's all', yet a second later she was eating chicken sandwiches. Another lady at work refused to eat duck because a friend of hers had some pet ducks. This kind of nonsense I cannot deal with.

We as humans are destroying the environment and eating animals is a huge part of the reason why. Whilst humans are also designed to eat a bit of meat, we're not supposed to be eating it daily or consuming anywhere near as much as we do. It's pure gluttony and something I wish more people would wake up to. We are breeding far too much cattle for one and there is simply no need for it. Do you know what happens to male calves when they're born into the milk industry? They get shot because they're good for nothing except meat and rarely live longer than a year beforehand.

I'm no where near classing myself as a full vegan just yet but it's a start and for me, doing it in small steps will be a lot more comfortable and easy to get through than cutting everything out straight away. I cut out meat at the age of 7 and I found it SO easy, I never looked back and haven't ever been tempted. Although cutting out dairy and things like eggs will be a bit more of a challenge, it's something I'd really like to work towards. And for those of you who may be thinking that one person won't make a difference to the animal food industry or that it's just 'one cow saved' or whatever, it's lives and welfare that matter. The fact that the size or significance of the animal means so little to humans is heartbreaking and even if just one person reconsiders their morals after reading this post, it's much better than nothing. 

Is the love for a steak really worth the suffering of another to satisfy your taste buds? I challenge you, to try all of the other incredible, meat free dishes available on this beautiful planet of ours and give those without a voice the support they deserve.

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  1. I had no idea Tesco stocked such a massive range! I shop at Morrisons and I'm always really pleased with them - they're definitely worth checking out. I made the switch from cow's milk to rice milk (after trying a few different alternatives) about two years ago now and I couldn't even consider changing back. Cow's milk makes me feel so ill now! Me and my boyfriend are making a determined effort to cut down on meat at the moment - only eating it at dinner time, and having a completely meat free day once a week. I know it's not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but it's a big difference!

    Steph -

    1. That sounds awesome :) proud of you! I think for some people theres more success for them if they cut things out one bit at a time so anything is better than nothing :) x x


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