6 Months Off The Pill - Update

June marks the six month milestone away from the contraceptive pill and I thought I'd give you all a bit of an update as to what's been going on with my body. Up until June, the return of my period was fairly straight forward and easy. Despite a bit of pain (okay quite a lot) I felt like I got back into the swing of things, listening to my body, becoming more in tune with it and really being more mindful of how to look after myself when I felt at my most sensitive.

My June period was due on the 13th and this has been the day literally give or take up to 24 hours each month since I stopped taking the pill which was stopping my body from menstruating. I had read of course that it can take a while for your body to get back into a routine but since I'd had 5 periods already that were bang on time, having one that was 5 days late really made me question what most women do when their periods are playing up...oh god I'm pregnant?!

What made it even more suspicious was I was having very bizarre spotting; pink in colour, no where near heavy enough to even be considered a light period and it was inconsistant. I still had the cramping and my boobs were a lot more sore than they usually are at that stage of my cycle, plus they felt bigger and heavier. I was having moon swings, I felt sick, constipated, sweaty and ridiculously tired...I was convinced I was pregnant. I peed on a stick and it came back a very clear negative.

Typical that the very next day, whilst out having a Father's Day meal with James' family and wearing a summery dress with no tights, I felt that unmistakable sensation below and knew my body had suddenly decided it was time to get the ball rolling. Even this is odd for me as I usually come on first thing in the morning, like I catch it as soon as I wake up and this was the case even before I started taking the pill so slap bang in the middle of the day really threw me. Luckily I was prepared as I have been since coming off the pill so I was able to kit myself out properly even whilst being out in public, but man was this a painful month.

It really didn't help that when my period started, it was the warmest day of the year reaching highs of 32 degrees. Usually I stay inside on days like this, drink plenty and all that good stuff but during my period it seemed even more unbearable. I was dripping, not even moving and my body was sweating like an absolute Betty. Even my ankles were damp...who even gets damp ankles? I put it all down to it being my time of the month with a combination of insane heat that us Brits simply aren't used to. I was drinking gallons of water (not even kidding) and each glass had ice in it as well. I was absolutely sweltering. The bleeding stopped after two days but then returned a further two days later literally for an hour which ruined a pair of knickers before stopping again, hopefully now until next months cycle.

Aside from that, I fell even more in love with my Moon Cup and usually, I'm not one for sleeping naked but this little buddy of mine allowed me to sprawl out, legs apart on top of the covers and not worry about leakages or being a disgusting sweaty mess over night. The more I use the Moon Cup the more I also feel such a positive sense of achievement with regards to reducing waste, especially plastics which typical menstrual products like tampons and pads are full of. Using a cup even for just 6 months has reduced  around 120 tampons worth of waste, not to mention the sanitary towels and liners I would have probably gotten through as well. It's also saved me around £40 which would usually be spent on these products so win win! I'm still getting on really well with my Moon Cup and would strongly urge all you ladies out there to give a menstrual cup a try, it's been one of the best decisions I've ever made for my body and for the environment.

So after six months, I honestly feel healthier, happier and so much more aware of how my body works and how to manage it when my period comes along. This is a topic I never used to feel comfortable talking about to literally anyone so having a blog has really boosted my confidence in this area, not to mention women's health and the environment which are absolutely extremely important subjects we should all be talking about.

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