Bathroom Makeover

Since moving into our very own house back in January, the downstairs bathroom has been somewhat of a dumping ground. Full of things like dog food, cleaning stuff, laundry bits and all sorts of other crap. It was still accessible as a toilet and since it's also a laundry room it needed to be 'sort of' tidy in order for it to function but we always knew it needed decorating. Since I now work from home, I took it upon myself to have a couple of days off from illustrating to finally get round to transforming the horrible, bad paint job that was also in the colour teal from the house's previous owners and I did my own spin on things...

I'd thought about stripes in this tiny room but since there is a sink, toilet, washing machine and fuse box to work around, I thought it may be too much like hard work. But a challenge is a challenge and I decided I'd put myself to the test. I've done candy stripes in my office which some of you may have already seen so with a bit of experience now under my belt, I thought 'sod it' and got to work. We had a huge tub of Dulux paint left from when we blitzed the house upon first moving in, so I used that and ended up having to do 6 or 7 coats to banish away the awful teal, then we nipped to B&Q where I chose another paint from the Valspar range in the shade Luxe Grey. I also had some of my trusty Frog Tape left over from when I decorated my office (note: this wouldn't have worked half as well without this stuff - highly recommend!) and once I had completely covered the walls in fresh white, I set about lining up ready for my stripes.

All you need to do this is a tape measure (to work out the length of your wall and how many stripes to fit in) a long ruler, a pencil, Frog Tape, your choice of paint, brush, roller, tray and a bit of patience. I did pink and grey stripes in my office so make sure to use the lightest colour as your base and the darker colour for the stripes. I found that measuring up using a long ruler worked really well when dotting the measurements in place with a pencil, starting with the left hand side and joining all of the dots together, then it's easier to use that line as a guide for your widths and drawing the right hand line afterwards. Then I Frog Taped my lines, went around all of the edges with my paint using a brush then I went in with my roller and did a couple of coats for each stripe. To help stop things from getting too messy, I did one line at a time and waited until each was dry before moving onto the next. It's makes things easier for measuring up and helps prevent smudging. This does take a little bit of time but with a bit of patience, you end up with fabulous looking walls which are also very unique - I've yet to go into a house where someone else has done this!

Obviously you can choose any colours you like and I think stripes look super cute, especially in pastel shades. I also filmed me painting my bathroom which you can watch here if you fancy it. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. It looks awesome! I really like the stripes, nice job!
    xx Jocelyn //

  2. It looks so cute, you've done such a good job, fancy coming to do our bathroom?!
    Hels xx


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