Done With Summer 2017

Grumpy blog post alert from a moaning Brit who can't stand the heat and it's extra baggage. For the past few weeks, it's been rather warm over here in the UK and the huge shocker is, we're not that used to it. Oh no, the hilarious association the UK has with rain is very much true and the thing is, even during the summer we will still have week long bouts of rain and gloomy skies. With the Summer, there also comes a few extra niggling factors which this year have driven me to the brink of insanity. Hay Fever has been an absolute nightmare for me this season and I'll be glad to see the back of Summer...literally ASAP.

Don't get me wrong, I like a bit of warm weather and there is nothing better than looking up into a bright blue sky with very little clouds. Bit of a breeze here and there. But I am about to share with you the struggles of pale skin, blonde hair and allergies to what feels like EVERYTHING at this time of year. Even writing this post, I have had to put my blind down because the heat through the window on my arm is too much for me to handle.

Since I can remember I've not been one for Summer, at least not one of those raving lunatics who walk around practically naked, burning away without a care in the world. Sun burn doesn't phase a lot of people and that worries people not understand the importance of looking after oneself? It all comes down to vanity in a way - people would rather risk their health to get a bronzed glow than be sensible and put a bit of sun cream on. My Mum always used to joke that I was a vampire who never left the house during the day throughout the Summer holidays and here we are aged 25, still not leaving the house if I can help it.

Hay fever has been terrorising every hour of the day for a solid month now and I'm so done with it all. Not only is it bloody expensive having to keep buying antihistamines and tissues, it's exhausting and even worse when you're dosed up and lethargic from taking what is meant to be making you feel better. My eyes have been swollen and puffy, makeup is hardly worth applying and taking it off is even worse. My sockets feel sore and have been making the rest of my face painful to touch. First thing in the morning and last thing at night tend to be the worst times of day for me and that also means that getting to sleep is hard work these days. I can't breathe, my nose won't stop running and I wake up with my eyes glued shut. Luckily I now work from home otherwise I'd be in a right mess if I was still working with animals and 50% outdoors, but even at home I'm finding it difficult to drag myself around the house and get stuff done. All I want to do is eat ice lollies and sleep.

What really frustrates me and my furbabies as well, is we can't go for lovely mid day walks because the pollen levels have been too high and I end up coming home unable to breathe, itching all over and begging nature for mercy. My dogs don't get too upset as I try and take them late in the evenings now, but it sure as hell is irritating when you look outside at the beautiful weather and know you're just not built for such things. I spent the day outside at the weekend at my Mums, filming the dogs playing in the garden and the birds hopping on and off the feeders. I probably spent 2 hours outside and it wasn't even one of the hotter days, but when I got home, I downed 6 large glasses of water and felt like I had sun stroke. 

I'm ready and waiting to welcome Autumn back with open arms, the time of year dedicated to Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, snuggly blankets and those freshly fallen, crisp orangey leaves scattering our floors. I miss it, I really do. I also prefer Autumn/Winter fashion like jumpers, scarves, mittens, lots of layers, boots...ah I really do miss it all and what's worse is Summer is no where near over yet. I wish I could enjoy it all and embrace the summer; this year I've been forcing myself into shorts a lot more and not giving a rats ass about my pale legs which also wobble at the top. Who cares?

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