'Growing Up' Garden Makeover

A couple of weeks back, I was sent the biggest box of goodies I've ever seen filled with products to help transform our garden into a much prettier place to relax, a nicer environment for the dogs to play and since a garden is something neither James or I have ever had of our own, we couldn't wait to get stuck in. This was totally a team effort and I couldn't have done it without him. The products were sent to us by Scotts Miracle-Gro and were part of their 'Growing Up Parties' campaign.

We dedicated an entire Sunday to repotting a load of plants, buying some new plants for our flower bed and also some seeds to try and grow our own veggies. We also repotted some strawberry plants that my Mum had given us and grown herself and we used a brilliant compost called Black Magic Potting Soil. You could feel just from the quality of the bag that stuff was going to be a good performer and it was a pleasure to work with. It was really easy to use and full of nutrients to help support your plants.

Whilst we were at it, we took the spare slabs which we had propped up against the side of the house from the previous owners and made a platform to treat as a little area to have some flowers, seedlings and herbs. This raised level keeps the dogs away and also they look neat and tidy altogether.

Our front garden area is really bad for growing weeds so we also dug all of these up and treated the area with some Weedol Pathclear Weedkiller. I really enjoyed using this because it comes with a special pump (batteries included) and it evenly sprays the area with no mess. It does stink a little, but I wouldn't imagine weed killer to smell any different and two weeks later, there is no sign of any returning weeds! We thought we'd brighten up our front garden with a few little bushes just to perk it up a bit and these have been loving life!

We also did all the general upkeep of the garden like cutting the lawn and trimming the edges, as well as pruning our rose bush and then we used the EverGreen Complete 4in1 to give our grass a proper pampering. Our grass has never been perfect since the houses previous owners had 3 kids and a huge dog and when we arrived at our house the garden was in such a state. We've worked super hard on getting into a decent condition and have trimmed it every weekend since January - the results have been amazing so we're hoping the EverGreen gives it that little extra TLC. This again was really easy to use as the container has a built on scattering nozzle for an even application.

To finish everything, we diluted some of the Black Magic 'Elixir' which is plant food to give our plants a helping hand and they seemed to have really enjoyed it! We also strung up some solar powered lights which we bought from Sainsbury's a couple of years back and decided the garden was now too pretty to not enjoy a lovely meal outside in the evening. 

Getting family and friends round to get stuck in with you is such a great idea and you can easily make a real day of it by including some drinks, maybe a little BBQ and quality music. Since our garden is quite small, we kept it just us two but my brother popped round at one point and had a bit of a dabble. A couple of weeks later, we set up some chairs outside with some candles burning, the dogs were playing on their new grass and it was the perfect evening looking over all of our hard work whilst enjoying some good food. A huge thankyou to Scotts Miracle-Gro for sending us these fabulous products to try which enabled us to treat our front and back gardens to some much needed loving. We really enjoyed our gardening project and our house looks so much nicer for it!

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  1. Ohhh I'm so jealous you have a garden! We have a balcony so have done what we can with it, but it must be so lovely to have a proper garden! Those fairy lights look gorgeous, what a lovely way to spend a day!
    Hels xx

    1. Thankyou so much! We didn't really have anything back at the flat and it was communal which always made me a little anxious what with having the dogs and no fences etc. It's nice to finally have a proper outdoor space :) some solar lights would look cute strung across your balcony! x x

  2. Your garden looks incredible now, and I love the little lights you've strung up. I bet it's going to be amazing when you can finally try some of the food you've grown, especially the strawberries, mmm!

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk


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