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Custard and Vespa are back and this time they're sampling some tasty treats which were very kindly sent to them by - any excuse to have a little nibble and Custard especially is all over it. They were sent a variety of food to try and they couldn't wait to get stuck in! Just a disclaimer before we begin, my dogs do not follow a vegan diet like myself and James. Neither of us know enough about doggy nutrition to make this call and we're happy continuing to feed them a balanced diet which will help keep them fit and healthy. They consume very little wet meat and usually have a dry biscuit diet and veggies for a snack, along with the occasional chew or biscuit treat.

First up is the dry biscuit food by Huntland and my two went mad for this stuff. I had to keep an eye on Vespa's reaction as with him being a Yorkie, they're infamous for being very fussy eaters but he loved it. Custard on the other hand didn't hesitate and was wondering where the rest of the bag was kept straight after her dinner! It's a decent sized bag and lasted my two small dogs around 2 weeks before they polished it all off.

Purina Dentalife Dog Chew

My dogs are always grateful for a chew, especially one which is going to benefit their oral health so they were chuffed to bits to try out the Dentalife Oral Care stick from Purina. Vespa in particular is more prone to gum disease as he's got a much smaller mouth and loads of teeth so there's plenty of opportunity for food to get stuck and cause problems. Oral care chews are great because they're designed to get into those areas and bring away any loose bits with their special texture.

Custard Miniature Schnauzer

Vespa Yorkshire Terrier

They also adored these cookie treats by Catch and these are the perfect size for a quick snack or a reward for being good once we get home after leaving them alone for a bit. They absolutely stank but we kept them in the dogs allocated treat tin and they also came in a resealable bag which was brilliant since they were so smelly. Surprisingly though, they didn't make the dog's breath stink and I believe these are another oral care product, with the crunch helping to break down plaque build up.

A huge thankyou to for sending over these for Custard and Vespa to try, they had so much fun and Custard is starting to learn to check every single parcel that comes to see if there is anything for her. Hilarious.

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*These dog treats were gifted to Custard and Vespa to review on my blog by

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  1. Ooo these look really good! My dog loves the chews, it's such a bonus when it is good for their oral health too! Such gorgeous photos, I LOVE seeing so many pictures of your pups!
    Hels xx


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