What's In It For Me..? Review*

I'm a huge fan of Anatomicals and their quirky ways so when I discovered their sister brand over on Instagram, it was a very exciting moment. What's In It For Me..? have a very similar thing going on; as in you can see definite similarities in their packaging and hilarious captions that go with it, but the products themselves feel a whole lot more sophisticated. What's In It For Me..? very kindly sent me a couple of their brand new products to try and review here on my blog so today I'm going to tell you all about my experience with using their hand cream and also their body scrub.

As soon as I opened my parcel I could smell something delicious and I'm not entirely sure how as they were both still fully sealed but the first thing I went for was the hand cream. What I love about this cream is the scent is very summery - almost sun cream like with the subtle scent of almond although not too strong...smelling like marzipan is never good! I used the cream for a solid week and within the very first application, I noticed such a positive improvement with my skin and the scent certainly grabbed the attention of my Mum when we met up. She stole a dollop for herself and was just as won over, asking where she could get herself a tube. The hand cream packaging has that lovely smooth matte finish which I'm a huge fan of and everything stated is clear, easy to read and with a pinch of cheeky attitude. I would have loved to have seen a cruelty free notification on the packaging somewhere but I have asked the brand directly and can report back that they do not test on animals.

Moving onto the scrub, this stuff smells unreal. SO good. To me it smells just like a really strong pineapple and you get a very generous amount in your tub, which comes presented in a box too. There is an extra safety layer inside the tub to make sure your scrub doesn't leak so you could easily take it away with you on holiday. I tend to get dry legs and I have taken to using a scrub on them once a week to help buff away any dead skin and what I really love about this scrub is it's very moisturising and doesn't leave your skin feels stripped or sore. Sometimes scrubs can be a little harsh but this one is super gentle whilst still being effective.

You can visit the brands website here or if you'd like to try the products for yourself, you can buy them here (these are NOT affiliated links). I can't wait to see what else What's In It For Me..? bring out and a huge thank you to the brand for sending me these two products to try.

Thanks for reading!

*These two products were gifted to me by What's In It For Me to review on my blog


  1. I've never heard of this brand, they sound awesome. The packaging is so cute!

    JaynieShannonx | Lifestyle & Beauty


  2. I've never heard of this brand before, sunds interesting

    Beauty Candy Loves

  3. just like the other girls i've never heard of this brand before, but the body scrub looks fab <3


  4. Really cute packaging, I love the name of it!
    Hels xx


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