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So things look a little different around here don't they?
Recently I've been feeling a huge urge to scrap a lot of things and start a fresh. There's so much I'd like to try and experience and I've never had a better time to do so. I've also been feeling an overwhelming amount of expectation within the social media world and it's disheartening over time to see your follower growth isn't really growth at all but rather a plummeting sensation along with plenty of feeling like 'what's the point?'. I'll tell you what the point is; it's you, enjoying what you love doing. 

I'm going to be completely honest now. The blogging world is starting to disappoint me a little. Well a lot. The blogging itself I absolutely adore and I love sharing my life with the people who enjoy visiting my blog. The cliques and bitching though, I can do without. It feels as though every move you make on the internet is judged these days and there have been moments where I have considered packing up altogether to get away from it all for good. I used to be weaker than I am now and let these feelings take hold for a long time, but I've self taught myself how to understand that these feelings are only temporary and will not last longer than that day. The next morning, I will wake up fresh faced and ready to face the challenge again. A few days ago, I was feeling a sense of hatred towards YouTube and that has since passed, but for a few weeks now I've been feeling very bitter towards the bloggosphere due to seeing a different side to some other influencers that have made me very sad.

What I have come to learn though, is I love the internet. Without it, I wouldn't currently be doing my dream job as an illustrator, or making awesome friends online (I'm talking about you Abbie & Hels!) and what a wonderful place it can be. I've realised, I need to detach myself from the blogging world and focus more on what really gets my juices flowing. I guess you could call it a rebrand, but since this place is already my name, it's staying the same but with a fresher, cleaner look and a new focus on creating entirely new, more enjoyable content. That means more art, craft projects, more vegan life and more animal loving so yes, Custard and Vespa will still be doing their occasional guest posts! 

Truth be told, I have fallen out of love with things like beauty products and was getting ever so bored of 'reviewing' them, collecting way too many of them and not enjoying how much space they were taking up in my house. I started to do an empties series on YouTube, to encourage me to use these things up but instead it just made me even more aware of things like the amount of plastic we as humans get through, how much of a problem recycling still is for our planet and also, do I seriously need this much makeup and cosmetics? I really don't. I have taken to collecting new things together and handing them to friends and family. I have bagged up a load of new tampons and pads that I will no longer be using and donating them to a homeless shelter. I have been having a clear out of clothes I have never worn and never will and taken to buying hidden gems on eBay instead. Pre-loved, character filled garments to recycle, bring back to life and change up my image. I was sick of buying the same style of clothes and not feeling confident wearing them. Sick of feeling like I had to wear a full face of makeup to feel pretty or authorised to run a blog. Obviously I'll still be sharing the odd beauty product, especially since I have fully dedicated myself now to the cruelty free, vegan life so I would love to share my finds and experiences with using them still, I just won't be focussing so much around this.

I noticed I was no longer enjoying content from beauty guru's, if I see one more marble effect item or perfectly clean flat lay I may loose my mind's just so same-y. Where's the inspiration? Where are the colours and the life in these photos and posts? To me, my most enjoyable content from others is their lives, their families, their days out, their friends, the not so great moments, accompanied by the celebrations and personal achievements. Are we all so busy trying to 'make it' in the social media world rather than enjoy life as we're living it? That's what it was starting to feel like. Too many nasty comments around other people's career choices, life choices...I even saw a girl being slated for having someone take a photo of her and her boyfriend have a picnic. It was staged was it? Aren't the majority of photos staged? People wouldn't bat an eyelid if it were a wedding photo. This petty, over-opinionated bickering is starting to get a little too much.

This isn't the end of my blog but rather a new lease of life. I'm excited to show you guys new things and involve more art work, more fun and be much more laid back. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Thanks for reading,


  1. I absolutely adore you and your blog. I love the new look, and I completely agree with everything you've said. I'm on a self-imposed Twitter break at the moment, and honestly I'm feeling so much better for it - there was so much negativity and cattiness, I just couldn't bear seeing it all the time.
    I'm so excited for your new content, I can't wait to see your new posts and videos, as well as all your beautiful artwork - although I'm really glad Custard and Vespa will still be appearing!
    Hels xx

    1. I can totally relate, if I didn't rely on Twitter for business traffic I'd be doing exactly the same :( it's become such a poisonous place at times. Thankyou so much for sticking around and I'm glad you like the new look around here! x x

  2. I can totally relate to everything you said! I had to have a huge unfollowing of those on Twitter to clean my feed from all of the negativity. I also came to the same conclusion as you about the fact that there is not much originality within the blogging community. I have been extremely fortunate to find some blogs that have loads of honest chats and make themselves completely vulnerable on their blog, which I appreciate so much. Keep doing you love! If you love blogging, blog about what makes you happy. Those who love your content and your personality will continue to read what you have to write xxx

    Melina |


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