August Wishlist

I'm trying really hard at the moment to not buy things just because they're pretty. I'd like to focus on recycling by selling and buying clothes on eBay and in charity shops, finding some hidden gems. I'd also like to spend my money on arty materials and won't be buying any cosmetics related items for a long time since I have vowed to use up every last product I already own before buying more. It does't mean things don't catch my eye whilst out and about though and whilst I'm still in the process of retraining my mind, I thought I'd share with you all some of the things that have made me go 'ooh' since last month.

1. Prismacolor Pencils
I've only ever heard great things about these pencils, bar the fact they're a little on the pricey side. I've started to draw a lot more which isn't surprising since it's now my job and I currently use Derwent which are lovely but I'd like to try other brands too.

2. Pusheen Umbrella
This beauty caught my eye and I don't actually own an umbrella, or a rain coat for that matter. I know, I'm an idiot. I'm a Brit who doesn't own either of these things and it's probably about time I sorted something out. Plus if you can get an umbrella with Pusheen on then everyone's a winner right?

3. Pink Jumper - New Look
With Autumn fast approaching, I have been keeping a look out for some snuggly new jumpers and cardigans to wrap up warm in. This baby pink one caught my eye from New Look and it's only £9.99, available in a few different colours. It's also 100% acrylic so no sheep were harmed in the making of these jumpers, something I am now looking out for within any brand new clothing I buy.

4. Winsor & Newton Watercolour Paints
My only issue with my current watercolour paints is the lack of variety in pinks and purple colours. I can mix colours together but it's such a ball ache when they dry up really quickly and you have to try and remix to achieve the exact same shade again. I'm not sure if there are these colours within this palette as it's a bit difficult to see, but you get the idea. I'd like a bit more variety.

5. Flyaway Notebooks - Paperchase
This fairly new range from Paperchase was literally designed for me I swear. Llamas, unicorns, deer...with wings?! It's so cute, colourful, pastel and magical. Such a gorgeous range for anyone whose into whimsical nonsense, I adore it!

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  1. I NEED that Pusheen umbrella omg! I also really need some new jumpers, and New Look is usually pretty good for this. That pink one looks so cosy!

    Steph -


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