Getting Creative With Gifts

I always knew when I left my well paid, regular income, corporate world job nearly four months ago that money would become much tighter for me. I saved up as much as I could before jumping ship and have used it to pay my bills with the occasional treat thrown in during the first month or so as a little pick me up. Money is now something I keep a very close eye on as that float was never going to last forever, so these days I have to manage the money I do have much more carefully.

I've recently had two family birthdays to think about during August and both of these individuals were male, one being in his 50's and the other entering the world of double digits. My Stepdad is a keen fisherman, electrician by trade and handyman. He loves his gadgets but because of this I never know what he has or hasn't already got. My little half brother Harry on the other hand, has long since left the land of colouring books and little boys toys behind and I have no idea where the time has gone because these days he's a real adventurer, so independent and all about action, super heroes and being a proper lad.

I decided I would give my Stepdad some artwork as he's always been a huge supporter of what I do and since he's a big fan of pin up girls and Lord of the Rings too, I put together this piece of Arwen inspired by Tim Shumate which I did in Copic Markers and pencil on Bristol Board. It was an A4 piece so a perfect size for framing and he was over the moon with it.

Harry on the other hand is a major Lego fanatic and his entire room is full of shelves of Lego figurines and models he's built and not wanted to dismantle. He is also fairly new to the world of superheroes and has a big poster in his bedroom which I believe is Marvel characters, so I thought I'd mix things up a bit and do him a Lego Batman to go alongside a Joker print I gave him a couple of years back. He was chuffed to bits and it's amazing how grateful children can be over a special piece of artwork that was done specially for them. I also have a little half sister who is now 7 and she has a canvas and a drawing in her room that I gave to her and she too absolutely loves them.

Watercolour painting isn't one of my strengths so I also saw this as an opportunity to practice and try something a little different since I don't normally draw Lego characters let alone paint them, but it was fun and cost me nothing but time. The paper and paints I already had, so all I did was dedicate a day for each of them and they both made wonderful gifts.

A couple of Christmas' back I did a lot of handmade prezzies and last Christmas I splurged a little more, but this year it'll be back to thinking of ways to give little gifts without completely breaking the bank. I have made candles in the past and have loads of different scents still in my craft box so that'll definitely be happening, along with perhaps some homemade soaps and scrubs. Either way, I'll be showing you here so we can all get creative together and dish out some cute little homemade gifts this year. You don't have to spend loads to treat someone special!

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  1. These are absolutely amazing! The Lego Batman is incredible!! It's the loveliest thing, giving someone something so thoughtful and creative, it makes gifts so much more personal!
    Hels xx

  2. These are some brilliant ideas- I'm so impressed!! I'd love to see what you did for christmas pressies... Did you write a post about them?

    1. I didn't unfortunately but I'll be writing DIY themed posts this year :D x x


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