I'm Rebranding!

A few posts back and if you're a regular to my blog, you may have noticed things have been spruced up a bit in these parts and it's time I addressed the niggling voice in the back of my head that just hasn't shut up in a few months. I'm going to be rebranding Llama Talks.

For a while now, I've not been feeling any sort of connection to my brand's name and although it was fun while it lasted, I don't feel for a second that it represents what I'm about anymore and feels very restricted to being a lot about llamas. Don't get me wrong, llamas are bloody amazing, but I feel awkward now I'm wanting to include a lot of other animals, whimsical nonsense and branch out into different themes. I was torn between changing my shop name to just my actual name, did some research, worked out the pros and cons for this and decided I would take full advantage of creating a brand new name. One that was lovely to say, I felt really connected to and above all, represents my brand better than ever.

The response so far has been very 50/50 and I've only told around 6 people. Some of whom said I should stick with Llama Talks because it's unique and fun, others saying 'this is crazy exciting, I can't wait to hear the new name', but I've had to remember I'm doing this because I don't really feel anything for the name Llama Talks anymore. It doesn't excite me and I hate when people ask what my business is called because most of the time they look at me blankly...I've even been asked if I run 'talking with llamas' sessions. See, it just doesn't go does it? The good news is, people who have heard the new name love it, so that's a relief! Apart from James, he's a little bummed out because the name Llama Talks was his invention! It's a shame to leave it behind, but change is good and I'm ridiculously excited for this.

I'm going to be an asshole now and not reveal the new name until I have my new business cards and have sorted out some other bits like a new domain, linking that to my shop and having everything ready for it's new launch. There will also be a discount code going out with the launch so keep your eyes open for it, but for now I'd really like to thank each of you who visits, comments, shares, likes, literally anything to do with any of my work. It means more than you could ever imagine and I can't wait to start bringing new pieces of art to you all.

Have a lovely day & thanks for reading,


  1. goodluck with the rebrand, I too have been thinking about rebranding myself

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I'm so excited for this! Llama Talks is really fun and creative but if you aren't feeling anything towards it then 100% rebrand, it's your brand, it should be you. I can't wait!!!
    Hels xx

    1. Thankyou so much for your support :) if my cards turn up tomorrow I can change everything over then :D x x


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