Introducing: Pastel Elixir

Being able to finally bring this to life excites me beyond words. I have decided to rebrand my two year old business Llama Talks with a fresh new name, image and I'm so in love. Pastel Elixir is the new name of my online shop and this will also be the name for my Etsy shop and any other work that I do illustration wise. I adore this name and unlike Llama Talks, I put a lot of thought, contemplation, playing around and restless nights into this so I really hope it is something my customers like too!

Although Llama Talks was fun and playful, I didn't feel much for it anymore. I wasn't proud to say the name as I felt it confused people too much or perhaps came across a little childish. Whatever it was, I wasn't feeling positive about it and whilst I'm a little upset to leave it behind, I'd like to see this as an evolution of Llama Talks rather than forgetting it ever existed.
This is also the new logo for Pastel Elixir which I think is pretty self explanatory and also sums up the name pretty well. When I was trying to create a logo for Llama Talks, it was originally black and white. I'm a huge lover of colour so as you can probably imagine this niggled at me a bit. Then I changed it to a banner style logo with the llama in the middle and it was blue because I feared using pink would give off too much of a girly feel and people told me it would put both sexes buying from my shop. Rubbish. Eventually I changed it to the llama we all know and love and I'm even a little sad that I'll no longer be using his face to represent my brand, but even more excited to move forward with Pastel Elixir.

So how on earth did I think of the name? I wanted something that would be nice to say, something that as you say it makes you feel bubbly. Pastel shades are my all time favourite colours and my shop consists mainly of pastel coloured products so that's that. The word elixir I've always had a fascination for; it feels magical, pretty, exciting. I played around with a lot of words over a few days and even tried to get myself set on something that 'flowed' better as you said it, but I kept coming back to Pastel Elixir, feeling it was the one I wanted to go with.

I think overall since quitting my job to follow this huge dream of mine, I have had to take it a lot more seriously. That sounds scary and no fun at all, but the thing is I do find it fun. I love feeling as though I'm putting a lot of effort into my work, treating it like a business (which takes practice trust me!) and wanting it to progress and look professional. Rebranding felt like the right thing to do and I'm really pleased to finally show you all what I've been working hard on.

On that note, since this is the year I quit my job and I'm now doing this full time, I will absolutely be able to focus on bringing more to my shop and also do proper Christmas cards and gifts nearer the time, rather than just the odd card here and there like it has been for the past couple of years. That excites me a lot and I have so many ideas and projects that I can't wait to get stuck into.

I feel as though I say this an awful lot, but seriously thankyou so much to each of you who visits my blog, my channel, my shop, chats to me on Twitter, leaves wonderful comments or even a like - I wouldn't have had the faith in myself to do half of this without you, so again thankyou.

If your interested in buying from my shop, I have a celebratory 25% off discount code which is PASTELELIXIR and is valid until the end of August.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love love love it. So happy and excited for you, I've genuinely been refreshing your Twitter waiting for the reveal! Xxx

  2. Congratulations!!!

    Caterina |

  3. Congratulations the name screams perfection!

  4. Congratulations and goodluck on your new journey!

  5. Very creative! Always follow your passion..

  6. The logo is actually nice! I love pastel colors..


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